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Comedian Tom Segura Shoots Himself In The Leg... Promotes Gun Safety

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By MLC on August 22, 2022 at 4:51 PM EDT

Tom Segura will have to loosen up his high and tight mom jeans.

The comedian revealed on Instagram that he shot himself in the leg.

He shared a Instagram Reel on the social media platform on Monday, August 22, explaining what happened.

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Tom Segura Accidentally Shot Himself In The Leg

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Given that he is one of the funniest comedians (in my opinion), it could possibly be part of a comedy bit.

“F**k. I f**king shot myself in the leg. I was at my buddy’s ranch and I was trying to, you know, do the Old Western s**t where you spin it around and f**kin’ you know like Billy the Kid and I f**king shot myself in the leg,” Segura explained. “It was in my good leg, not in the leg I f**ked up trying to dunk.”

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Segura is referring to his bone breaking dunk fail back in 2020.


He and his best friend and fellow comedian Bert Kreisher were having a dunk contest for their “Two Bears, One Cave” podcast.

Without getting into too much detail, Segura went up for a pretty high dunk when his leg gave out on him and sent him tumbling to the floor. He broke his arm and leg, had to have pins and screws put into his body and a nerve transfer for his arm.

It was bad.

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His Gun Injury Comes After His Catastrophic 2020 Dunk Fail

“I gotta do rehab on my f**king other leg now cause I shot myself with a godd**n… a pistol.

Alright, well don’t forget, go to gun safety and Texas is a constitutional carry or open carry. You should still go to gun safety,” he said. “Don’t worry about having it, you can have it if you want, but it f**king hurts, man.”

Segura appeared to be on a production lot of sorts, and filmed the video in front of a bunch of Semi-trucks filled with production equipment.

One fan was just confused about the severity of his injury and replied, “I can’t tell if this is serious.”

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Tom Promotes Gun Safety After Accidental Shooting

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Another joked, “The man broke in half with a basketball, a someone thought it’d be a good idea to out a gun in his hand?”

Comedian Justin Martindale commented, “Tom! I expect this from Bert but YOU!!!?? Feel better man.”

Yannis Papas replied, “I’d press charges. Don’t let you get away with it.”

“Well Abracadabra,” comedian Cassius Marsh commented.

Kreisher talked about the incident on Monday’s episode of “Two Bears, One Cave.”

Whitney Cummings was a guest-host on the episode and asked Bert, “What is the thing Tom’s doing where he shot himself?”

“For anyone who’s listening, Tom accidentally shot himself in the leg out on [Joe] Rogan’s ranch, and that’s why he couldn’t be here,” Bert explained.

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Words of advice, do your gun safety and follow PROTO buddy, or maybe Garth Brooks can teach you a thing or two about gun-wielding, Tom.

Food for thought.

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