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Jessie J Says 'Connecting Is Key' In Emotional Post About Wanting To Be A Mom

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 22, 2022 at 5:00 AM EDT

Jessie J, who suffered a miscarriage last year, is opening up about her longtime desire to be a mother, which has not been so easy to accomplish. The "Flashlight" singer recently wrote to her fans on Instagram, sharing her sadness in not yet getting one of her top wishes while also letting them know she was there for those around the world who felt just like she did.

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Jessie J Makes Confession About Wanting To Be A Mom By 30

Jessie J arrives back into England on a Eurostar train from France, having performed in Paris earlier in the evening.

When the English singer was sixteen, she wrote a list of things she wanted by the time she was thirty, and among the listed items was her desire to be a mom. She penned this in her post, adding her current age, 35, and mentioning how difficult it felt to lose a baby, revealing that she faced challenges trying to conceive. In her words:

"Some days the grief of losing a baby and it not being easy to have one, and wanting my life in that way to look completely different to what it looks like right now just overwhelms me."

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Jessie knew it was "healthy and normal to have days of complete sadness" and to acknowledge all the feelings that surface, both good and bad. She admitted that her bad days were not so often, and while she could go through the moment in private, which she usually does, she also wanted to be there for her fans.

Her decision not to mourn her loss in private resulted from her knowing that numerous people around the world felt the same way she did, and she felt like using her words to convey her affection. The soul songstress concluded her lengthy message by writing:

"Maybe you need this and feel the love I have for you. Connecting is key. Hugging you all [hugging emoji] [white love emoji]."

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Featured alongside the beautiful words were two pictures of her, with the first showing a throwback polaroid shot of possibly her sixteen-year-old self while the next one was a monochrome capture of her current person.  

Several months ago, Jessie candidly detailed her heartbreaking miscarriage in an episode of Steven Bartlett's "The Diary Of A CEO" podcast, where she spoke about how scary the experience was. The Blast shared that she mentioned waking up in her L.A. home and feeling something was wrong, so she went to the hospital for an ultrasound.

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The pop star added that upon the checkup, there was "that dreadful silence" that came with having a scan, leading her to ask the examiner for the truth bluntly. According to the doctor, her baby's heartbeat was "very low," and there was a ring that meant the infant might have some complications in her womb.

Despite the scan results, she still felt off, so she headed to another facility to get another checkup. At the second destination, she had another scan and was told there was no heartbeat in her womb. Jessie then recalled being told in the past that she could not get pregnant, so the possibility of being a mom and bearing a child brought great delight to her life. She said:

"I felt like I'd been given everything I'd ever wanted, and then someone had gone, but you can't have it."

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It is worth knowing that the news of her miscarriage came to light last November via a social media post implying that she would use her music to cope with the devastating loss.

The "Nobody's Perfect" Vocalist Flaunts Hot Bikini Body In Instagram Photos

In March, The Blast made a report about Jessie showcasing her gorgeous body in an Instagram update, causing her numerous followers to rave about her exquisiteness. In the pictures, she could be seen basking in the sunny weather donning a revealing bikini set at a resort, with the first shot showing her sitting by a pool with her legs in the water. 

She also looked down while raising her hands to her hair in the same image. In addition, the background was filled with a beautiful view of the blue sky, great ocean, and mountains. On the other hand, the following photo was a different location of the resort with the "Price Tag" singer standing to one side and barefoot in the sand.

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Her ensuing caption read, "Itty bitty t**ty committee REPRESENT," indicating she knew of her slight front assets. She also credited the brand "Binya" by tagging them for her lovely swimwear piece.

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