Olivia Culpo Shows Off MIND-BLOWING Body In Barbie Girl Two-Piece

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By Rebecca Cukier on February 1, 2020 at 8:25 AM EST

Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia Culpo's jaw-dropping body is back on the 'Gram. The "Sports Ilustrated" model made headlines at the end of January for flaunting her rock-hard physique in a tiny Fendi bikini ahead of the Super Bowl – the swimwear may not have made an appearance in Olivia's Saturday Instagram update, but she didn't deprive her fans of something to look at.

Olivia, 27, is now as much of a luxury fashion face as she is a swimwear one – this, in itself, seemed evident by virtue of the star outfitting herself in luxury French brand Chanel.

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Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia posted two photos. Both were selfies and taken in what was likely a hotel room – Olivia announced that she was in Miami at the end of January, likely staying in Florida for the Super Bowl.

The snaps showed Culpo posing and flaunting her impossibly-toned frame in a tiny matching two piece bearing the Chanel logo. A pink mini skirt was coordinating with the model's itty-bitty crop top – both were flaunting the star's long legs, ripped abs, and slender hips as she posed with a slight smile.

"Hi! I'm Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We're both Gemini vegetarians," Olivia wrote.

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Olivia had gone the whole hog with the Chanel vibe. The model was also holding a pink Chanel bag with pops of black contrasting the girly palette. Her long brown hair was worn up in a semi ponytail, with Olivia channeling the Floridian vibe via her footwear – she wore white sandals.

Fans are loving the look.

"Omg OBSESSED," one wrote.

"Beautiful!" another said.

"Great shot. Very sleek and definitely shows off that already ready for summer body! Wonderful work by you capturing this moment!" a fan told Olivia.

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Olivia spoke to Hollywood Life at the end of January, giving the media outlet a pretty detailed insight into her nutrition, plus her fitness philosophies.

“I try really hard. I really try to cut out carbs when I’m not working. When I’m preparing for something and being good, I cut out carbs," she said.

"So my ideal good day would be egg whites, avocado, turkey bacon for breakfast. Then, for lunch, I would have a salad with protein, and for dinner, I would have veggies with protein. Does that happen regularly? No,” Olivia added, jokingly.

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Olivia further revealed her active side, telling Hollywood Life that working out is a huge part of her life, even if it's tougher in colder months.

“I really do like SoulCycle. I just feel like it’s an easy meditative way to work out. I can really zone out during that workout. And then I like to run. It’s a little harder in the winter because it’s chilly. I also like Pilates. I think Pilates is also another almost meditative type of workout. You can just forget everything and go through the motions and breathe," she said.

There's also all that DIY activity. January saw Culpo display her gym physique while burning some calories as she assembled a crib for her nephew.

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