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Millie Bobby Brown Is Headed To Prestigious University At Height Of Her Fame!

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By MLC on August 16, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT

Millie Bobby Brown is growing up right before our eyes.

The actress shot to overnight stardom at just 12-years-old for her role as Eleven on Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Fast forward six years and Millie is now 18-years-old.

The “Enola Holmes” actress is at that age where non-famous teenagers prepare to attend college or university depending on where you are in the world.

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Millie Is Preparing To Start College

Millie Bobby Brown at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

In the USA, the average age of a college freshman is 18 to 19-years-old.

Obviously, Millie isn’t the first mega-star to attend college at the height of their fame.

“Grownish” actress, Yara Shahidi, attended Harvard University and graduated in May.

She was accepted into Harvard in 2017 but took a gap year before beginning her studies.

Megan Thee Stallion graduated last year from Texas Southern University. She earned her bachelor of science degree in health administration.

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Many Celebs Have Attended College At The Height Of Fame!

Yara Shahidi's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Yara Shahidi

Much of her degree was earned through online courses.

Millie is enrolled at Purdue University in Indiana. She plans to study Human Services and will more than likely complete her courses online as well.

According to Purdue University’s admissions website, the Human Services major entails working with people to help improve their life circumstances.

“Students in this major are concerned about today’s individuals and families and want to help them find solutions to challenging circumstances,” the website states.

The New York Post spoke to Purdue’s Director of Media and Public Relations, Tim Doty, that Millie is likely enrolled at Purdue Global, the institutions online program.

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Millie Will Attend Purdue University Global

Millie Bobby Brown

In her cover story with Allure, Millie explained taking the online course will help her “learn about the system and how to help young people.”

The actress looks at the responsibility she has being a famous figure as a blessing.

“Of course, people can look at it as pressure or scary, but I think that’s the most exciting part of my job,” she said. “People are all looking at me, ‘What are you going to say, Millie?’ I’m going to say, ‘Young girls deserve an education. Young people everywhere deserve equal rights. [You] deserve to love the people that you want to love. Be the people that you want to be and achieve the dreams that you want to achieve.’ That’s my message.”

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Millie Wants To Help Young Girls & Young People!

Her goal in life is to “help young girls and young people.”

“I’m not this perfect person that is selling skin-care products and [who is] in Stranger Things.’ I absolutely have made wrong decisions,” Millie added.

One of those wrong decisions was dating TikTok star Hunter “Echo” Ecimovic.

He alleged they met when she was just 15-years-old and began dating when she was 16-years-old. Echo was 20 at the time of their relationship.

He also said her parents knew about their relationship and consented to it. Echo made some pretty disgusting sexual claims about Millie as well.

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He said, “I was living in Millie’s house for eight months, how the f*** is there a lawsuit. Her mom and dad knew about everything.”

Millie called their relationship dynamic an “unhealthy situation” adding that she “walked away” from the TikToker in January 2021.

Echo went on the record with their relationship and the dirty details six months after she called it quits with him.

Speaking to Allure, the 18-year-old said, “I felt very vulnerable.”

“When you get publicly humiliated this way…I felt so out of control and powerless," she said.

At the time of their relationship, Millie was hard at work on Netflix’s “Enola Holmes.”

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Millie Bobby Brown posing for the camera.
Instagram | Millie Bobby Brown

The actress explained that no one on set knew what she was going through at the time, which for her was kind of nice.

“Also, no one on the set knew I was going through this. So, it was kind of nice to be able to just deal with that myself and no one else knew,” Millie admitted. “Then it was harder when the whole world knew."

“Walking away and knowing that I'm worth everything and this person didn't take anything from me, it felt very empowering. It felt like my life had finally turned a page and that I actually had ended a chapter that felt so f**king long," she continued to explain.

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