Robin Williams seen taking a stroll in Soho, New York 2007

It's Been 8 Years Since Robin Williams Died, Tribute Posts Are Pouring In

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 12, 2022 at 11:15 AM EDT

Robin Williams is lovingly remembered yet again on the eighth anniversary of his unfortunate passing on August 11, 2014.

You may recall that the greatest comedian of all time was reported to have died by suicide at the time after being found lifeless in his home in Paradise Cay, California. Now, his children Zak and Zelda Williams, alongside fans around the world who miss the reputable comedian so dearly, are paying their respects with the most touching tributes via Twitter.

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Robin Williams' Memory Is Honored With Social Media Tributes

Robin Williams at Billy Crystal Honored with the 2007 Mark Twain Prize

Zak shared a throwback picture of his father in remembrance and wrote, "Dad, on the eighth anniversary of your passing, I'm remembering how incredibly kind and joyful you were." The message continued and read, "I deeply miss you, you wonderful hairy man, and will be celebrating your life today. Love you so much!" 

Not long before, his half-sister Zelda quoted one of Haruki Murakami's sayings that explained how someone might not be able to recall their endurance through a storm whenever it was over.

It also noted that one might not be sure the storm was actually over but would undoubtedly come out as different from the person who walked in. Zelda then added a couple of suicide prevention resources and urged others to include more that could prove helpful to those struggling.

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Around the time of her remembrance note, a fan also tributed Robin with a brief message acknowledging the loss of Robin eight years ago and praying he rested in peace as he was now free. The fan called the deceased star a Genie and shared a picture of the animated character Aladdin hugging a blue genie, another character in the same animation.

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Another fan expressed how much the "Mork & Mindy" star was missed and noted that such an "amazing" person with so much talent and kindness did not come around often. He also stated that Robin would always be his favorite actor and added an image of the award-winning entertainment star's name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The tragic loss of years ago was still shocking to several fans, including one who penned so, mentioning the period of the death, while one other supporter was all about good words for his late idol. The said fan wrote that Robin was a treasure who "truly made the world a better place when he was here." Although she did not want to make him into St. Robin since he was human, she believed he was pretty cool as one.

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Several celebrities also paid homage to the "Moscow on the Hudson" star, including professional wrestler Marc Mero who could not believe it had been eight years since the devastating demise. Mero called the iconic figure a "beautiful soul" and an "amazing, talented actor-comedian whose death had brought much attention to "dementia, anxiety, and depression."

He then included three photos to the tweet, with the last two showing that Robin had signed on an older framed photograph of himself, which Mero could be seen holding. On the other hand, the first picture in the update was a shot of the comedy icon posing in front of a frame with the cover image of the famous movie franchise "The Night at the Museum" printed on it.

The "Awakenings" Star Was Given Wrong Diagnosis And Prescriptions Before Death

Last July, almost seven years after Robin's passing, his son Zak brought more details to light about his father's death on "The Genius Life" podcast, which The Blast reported. It was revealed that the four-time Academy Award nominee was misdiagnosed with Parkinson's disease several years before and was given prescriptions to treat the disease, which may have contributed negatively to his demise.

However, in reality, he may have had a rare mental condition similar to dementia which gradually diminished his mental prowess making him frustrated about his situation. While the illness got worse, Robin had challenges with quick cognitive reactions, which could have been intensified with the wrong prescriptions.

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About a year after the revelation and shortly before the "Popeye" star's eighth death anniversary, The Blast reported that Zak honored his late father's birthday the way he believed Robin would have wanted.  He penned a short but sweet message, marking what would have been the actor's 71st birthday and showing that the bereaved son would forever love and miss his father. In Zak's words:

"Happy 71st Birthday, Dad! I'll be remembering you today as you would want to be remembered, in spandex. Miss you and love you always."

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