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By TheBlast Staff on January 22, 2020 at 2:38 PM EST

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

We would've started this by saying that a recent Kim Kardashian Instagram post has caused some controversy, but clearly that's not newsworthy. The point of today's post reflects back on a ~~kommon~~ common Kardashian criticism: mom-shaming.

And we hate it!

Earlier this morning, Kimmy K took to the 'gram to share a glimpse of her family breakfast. While the photo itself is beautiful, the caption is what seemed to anger the critics.

"Morning Madness," it read. These two words were enough to set some people off.

“Madness except you had someone prepare your meals and a few extra hands with [the] kids," one user commented. Another troll felt the need to comment Kim's Twitter post of the pic:

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"Breakfast someone else prepared, kids someone else dressed, house someone else cleaned. Try a proper mums morning Kim! You wouldn’t survive it!”

WOW - how does someone come to the conclusion that commenting something like this is necessary? We hope they're happy with their lives...

Luckily, some of Kim's almost 158 million Instagram followers came to her defense.

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Gettyimages | Alo Ceballos

"Just cause her morning is different [than] yours does not make it less proper or fortunate. They are spending time as a family. And the less time she has to cook and clean means more time she can spend with the kids.”

  • Now this person deserves a Nobel prize!

“Probably the most down to earth picture I’ve ever seen from you. I adore it," another fan said. "Thank you for reminding us you have the family love/chaos just like anyone.”

Despite the negativity, the comments were also filled with some funny findings that posed some real questions.

First off - why is Psalm ON THE TABLE? (We'd insert a laughing/crying emoji if we could.) The initial question was met with a hilarious explanation.

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“Where else would a baby that young be if the family is sitting around the table? He’s strapped into his seat lol he’s not goin anywhere.”

Although it makes sense, another user provided a logical alternative: "High chair? The [thing] for babies to go in, designed to be at the table?]

The real victory goes to @FeejMeister who won the game of "I Spy" we didn't even know we were playing.

"Why is there a samurai sword to the right of Ye? @KimKardashian we need answers."

It took us a minute, but lo and behold, it's there. Did one of the kids leave their toy out, or does Kanye legit cut his fruit with a sword?

We're leaning towards the latter and you can't change our mind.

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