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By TheBlast Staff on January 17, 2020 at 10:29 AM EST

Gettyimages | Michael Loccisano

If you were being pressed on which celebrity had to be the most unproblematic and universally beloved continuously throughout the entirety of their career, Harry Styles might give a strong fight for the number one spot. His preaching of inclusivity on all spectrums and allowing his concerts to be a safe space for anyone is what helps to keep his fanbase so alive. A lot of celebrities claim to have the greatest fans but Directioners are the real deal. Their dedication after years to One Direction and the solo careers of all the boys is what has to be the most impressive take away from this whole debacle. If Harry’s dedicated Directioners are questioning him about something then you know it’s probably serious.

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Yesterday on the gift that keeps giving Twitter, there was an unexpected hashtag trending concerning Harry Styles. Usually when he is trending there is always a positive tinge to it. Never before has there been such controversy tied to his good name, except when the subject of his short lived relationship with Taylor Swift was being sensationalized. What all the fuss was about had to do with Harry making the choice to perform as a headliner at the Superbowl Pepsi Zero Sugar Party. A lot of black fans of Harry were not necessarily angry over this decision but disappointed. What Harry is known for during his notable concerts is waving the gay pride flag around whimsically, and having a BLM sticker on his guitar. So, for him to perform at the Super Bowl which has a historical conflict over players protesting in the name of BLM seems like a bit of a slap in the face to his black fans. Some tweets were calling him a racist, and others were defensive saying that Harry isn't a political persona and can't be the spokesperson for everyone.

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Both sides make sense and can be seen as valid depending on your perspective. The flack that Harry is receiving doesn't look to be translating to Shakira or JLo who are the main acts of the Super Bowl. Why is Styles being put to a higher standard than the actual performers. Directioners in general are known for being more involved than possibly any other fanbase, so their holding Harry responsible for his actions is not of surprise. Many are coming out to say that he could use the platform to publicly support these organizations or that he might donate the money made from the performance to BLM. With his mysterious persona the thought of him tweeting out a response is slim to none. He will most likely take this on in a calm manner.

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