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By Gary Trock on January 15, 2020 at 12:04 PM EST

@wonderwomanfilm / Instagram

Gal Gadot is the one fans praise for kicking butt on the big screen as Wonder Woman, but the movie star is wielding her lasso of truth and giving credit to the person who keeps her "safe" when the action goes down on set. Gadot took to social media Wednesday afternoon and paid tribute to the stuntwoman who played her double in both "Wonder Woman" and the upcoming sequel, "Wonder Woman 1984."

"#WomanofWonder today is dedicated to Christiaan Bettridge," Gadot captioned a photo of her kissing the stuntwoman.

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@galgadot / Instagram

In the photo, Bettridge is wearing a duplicate of WW's legendary tiara. Her face is also covered in black dots, as whichever scene she films will ultimately have Gadot's famous face overlayed via CGI during post-production.

The star continued praising her double:

"She’s been with me since the first Wonder Woman and I know we have a long future together. She’s always there by my side making sure I’m safe and at the same time taking the punches and getting thrown against walls. ?? She’s a mother, an athlete, and her movements are unlike anything I’ve seen before in a stunt performer. Thank you Stani for bringing your all, everyday and with such grace and kindness."

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The BTS photo of Gadot and her stunt double was praised by fans who were excited to see how the movie magic goes down.

"So great that she now seen by the public your so nice two share some off your limelight whit your stunt double," one fan commented on the photo.

Another wrote, "Both of you are amazing, gal you are generous and kind hearted person who knows to respect people's and there work that's why you are wonder women."

One fan jokingly suggested that maybe one double isn't enough, commenting "She looks overwhelmed. I'm willing to step in, for her health, to relieve her stress."

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@stannibombani / Instagram

Christiian "Stanni" Bettridge hails from Queensland, Australia and grew up with a background in ballet. She transitioned into stunts and won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in "Wonder Woman."

According to Bettridge's stunt background, she's well versed in acting, dancing, martial arts, fighting, weapons and wirework.

She's also proficient in driving cars, boats and jet skis, and she's certified as an open water scuba diver.

Along with her roles in both "Wonder Woman" flicks, Bettridge appeared in the 2017 spinoff for DC's "Justice League."

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