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'RHOA' Sheree Whitfield's New Boo Might Be Worse Than Tyrone Gilliams

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By Kay on July 28, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

If there is one thing that Real Housewives of Atlanta stans can all agree on, it’s that Sheree Whitfield can’t pick a good man even if her life depended on it. The RHOA veteran just got over one toxic relationship and she has dived head first into another one.

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It’s official Sheree Whitfield Is Putting Up With Martell Holt

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Instagram/Sheree Whitfield

The 52-year-old sparked rumors last week when she was seen holding hands with Love and Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt. Now, the images were blurry and the video was only of two people’s backs so it's understandable that no one wanted to believe it. However, the hopeful fashion designer confirmed this week that she is indeed dating Holt.

She did a sidewalk interview sharing the details of her new relationship. Apparently, they met through a “mutual friend” and the relationship is hitting the ground running. “He’s met my friends, he’s met several people in my family, and we’ve just been hanging out.”

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Martell Holt Making A Woman happy, No Way

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The reality star is not normally known for cherishing the women he is involved with. Most of Love and Marriage: Huntsville seasons 2 and 3 were focused on Holt cheating on his then-wife Melody Holt.

He slipped up and had a baby with a woman he claimed is a long-time friend but then refused to address her with respect when talking about her at the reunion and on the show (when she wasn’t present to defend herself).

He called her a side chick, a mistress, and everything in between. However, according to Whitfield, he has been a great guy and she’s “enjoying life right now.”

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Sheree Whitfield Sure Knows How To Pick ‘Em

//sheree whitfield and tyrone
Instagram/Sheree Whitfield

Whitfield’s last relationship is currently being featured on RHOA and it's a huge mess. Her ex-boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams led her on from a jail cell and the moment he got his freedom, he stood her up at a busted coffee shop in Philly.

That sad photo of Whitfield sitting alone, looking around and hoping that Gilliams’ would show up is forever etched in our brains. She confirmed during the sidewalk interview that she will never talk to Gilliams again.

“After that man did what he did, there’s no way. That is a wrap. That is a WRAP.” She described the overall experience as “humiliating”.

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Martell Holt Is Helping Sheree Whitfield In More Ways Than One

//Martell Holt in a suit
Instagram/Martell Holt

Whitfield also shared with the news outlet that Holt, a businessman in his own right plans on helping her with her fashion brand that has no fashions. We will give him that, he knows how to broker a deal and make a business happen even while being bogged down by drama.

Hopefully, Whitfield will allow Holt to do what he does and let her brand develop. She sure has enough prototypes (seen in the latest photos of the couple.

As for her Bravo family, Andy Cohen is co-signing this relationship (blindly, I might add, does he know Martell Holt? Has he seen L&MH?) He made the new relationship the “Mazel of the Day” on Watch What Happens Live.

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"Who knew that we’d see an official HE by Shereé before SHE by Shereé?" he said cleverly. "I am just so glad the woman who said ‘Who gon’ check me, boo?’ finally found her boo! By the way, Martell, you’re a lucky man. They don’t call Shereé the bone collector for nothing.”

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