Fans Argue Selena Gomez's Interview With Kelly Ripa Was 'Awkward'

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By Gary Trock on January 13, 2020 at 10:33 AM EST


Selena Gomez put on a dazzling display of beauty after promoting her new album during an early-morning appearance on "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan." The singer stopped by to promote "Rare" and sat down with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest for an interview.

However, her sit-down did not go without any drama as some thought Selena wasn't really into the interview.

During her appearance, Selena wore a simple white dress with a deep v-neck. To complete her look, the singer slicked back her hair into a neat bun. Along with promoting her album, Selena also made it into the show photo booth for a candid shoot before going live.

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@livekellyryan / Instagram

Fans loved her look while the singer promoted her new album, and sounded off in the comments of the show's Instagram page.

"Selena you look fantastic!" one fan wrote. "Such a great role model & just the girl next door. Stay strong sweetie!" another commented.

However, not everyone thought Selena was having a good time with the interview and felt she seemed a bit off.

"She seemed so annoyed to even be there. It was almost awkward to watch," a fan noticed.

Others agreed and felt that Kelly Ripa was trying very hard to get something out of Selena that she did just not want to deliver.

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However, one fan defended the singer and explained that she wasn't annoyed, but rather just tired from burning the candle at both ends.

"didn’t get that at all. She said she was operating on just a couple hours sleep & she seems low key, but I didn’t get “annoyed” at all." the fan argued.

The fan was pretty accurate, as Selena herself even described operating on no sleep. In a video posted by her makeup artist, the singer sleepily explained that the only reason they had to get up so early was to "promote my album ... because I want it to do good ... but I'm on 3 hours of sleep!"

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@selenagomez / Instagram

After "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan," Selena slipped into a new outfit and hit the street on to the next appearance. Perhaps mirroring her burnt-out emotions, Selena blazed through the crowd while wearing a burnt-orange suit paired with gold hoop earrings and a slick pair of pointed boots.

It's unclear where Selena's next appointment was, but luckily later in the day, she was able to steal a few minutes of the sleep that she so desperately needed. The singer shared a photo while catching some zzz's in her sprinter van while cuddling up with her dog.

She's earned it.

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