Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon posing for the camera.

Nick Cannon & Bre Tiesi's Son Gets 1st Birthday Cake Ahead Of Milestone

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 27, 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT

Nick Cannon and his baby mama Bre Tiesi are undoubtedly in a celebratory mood as they wasted no time in marking their newborn son's one-month milestone prematurely. 

According to the latest update on the infant’s newly created Instagram page, his parents could not help but mark his first birthday with a yummy-looking cake decorated with great taste.

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Nick Cannon And Bre Tiesi Mark Son’s Early Milestone With Lovely Instagram Post

Legendary Love Cannon, Nick and Tiesi’s baby, could be seen dozing in the post, oblivious to what was going on around him, while his birthday cake was positioned right next to him.

The cake was L-shaped with different modeled frostings, including a love-shaped one showing the child’s name etched on it. In addition, Legend was wrapped in a white blanket that had his name on it.

Below the post, the caption read, "Thanks @emilyblairmarcus @emilyblairmedia for my first birthday cake," indicating that CEO Emily Blair Marcus was behind the thoughtful present.

Fans were super delighted to see the little one as they gushed in the comments, calling him "absolute perfection" and "the cutest ever," with some remarking on how cool his name was.

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Around the period Legend was born, The Blast shared details of his birth, including behind-the-scene snaps of how the delivery went, which captured “the reality of pregnancy and childbearing.”

Nick was pretty supportive during the process, which Tiesi confirmed while also penning a statement revealing her experience having "an all-natural unmedicated birth."

The gorgeous model was glad she delivered her son safely, and she described the procedure as the "most humbling and limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience."

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She confessed that the episode forever changed her, but she had her "supportive" partner by her side, as she admittedly could not have done it without him.

Nick took no time in responding to his baby mama’s release by stating, "You never cease to amaze me!! Full of passion, drive, focus, brilliance, and most importantly, love."

He continued, "Honored and privileged to experience this beautiful miracle with you! Thank you for the greatest gift any human can give to another. For this, my love is forever indebted."

It is worth knowing that Tiesi also filmed the birthing process of the child’s birth for her vlog channel and issued a trigger warning at the video’s beginning, advising viewers to be discreet.

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She began the video by saying she was almost 42 weeks pregnant while Nick was about to leave town. She then went on to chronicle her pre-delivery routines, including a massage and eating salad.

The California-born model also drank a castor oil smoothie to help progress the birthing process; however, she threw the whole thing up.

Delivering her baby was pretty challenging for her, but fortunately, she had "The Nick Cannon Show" presenter with her all through the experience.

She initially doubted she could successfully bear the baby as the intensity took over her whole body, during which she wondered why Legend was not coming out despite her hard pushes.

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon posing for the camera.
Instagram | Bre Tiesi
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Tiesi further expressed gratitude to her team for helping her process the birth, which she felt was healing and helpful. She also appreciated Nick for being a fantastic partner and showing up for his new family.

The "Love Don’t Cost A Thing" Actor Receives Accolades From Baby Mama For Great Parenting Skills

As The Blast reported in April, the mother of Nick’s newest child had good words to say about the comedian, which she proudly voiced in an exclusive interview with US Weekly.

She spoke about his great relationship with his other kids, stressing how wonderful he was as a parent, which she found loveable. 

This also made her feel at ease, knowing her child would be valued by a father whose parenting nature had been perfected while nurturing his seven other kids.

Tiesi said of his fathering abilities, "[I’ve been able] to watch him parent and [see] his patience and …his insight and how he explains things, he is just a very nurturing, loving human. Very constructive."

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In addition, she had no bad words for Nick’s other baby mamas as she expressed her adoration for them and appeared not to be worried about her position in the TV host’s life.

Instead, Tiesi was more concerned about being an excellent mother to her son and step-kids while also maintaining a good relationship with the other women.

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