Tom Arnold's Wife Files Restraining Order, Calls Cops On Him For Not Returning The Kids

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By Mike Walters on January 10, 2020 at 4:51 PM EST

Tom Arnold's wife has filed a restraining order against the actor after claiming he would not return the couple's children and posted a series of derogatory social media posts causing her "emotional distress and severe anxiety."

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Ashley Arnold filed the restraining order in LA County Court claiming Tom refused to turn over the kids at the end of one of his custody time. She claims the situation got so bad, she was forced to call the cops and file a restraining order in the couple's ongoing divorce and custody case.

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In the documents, she says on January 3, Tom "claimed to have absconded with the children during my custodial time, then refused to drop them off per our agreement until I involved the police. Following the police assisted exchange, (Tom) sent harassing text to me and my sister."

Tom's ex-wife also asked the court to only allow him visitation with a "professional monitor" and have no overnight visits without the monitor.

According to the filing, Ashley claims Tom refused to bring the kids home after his custody time and asked her to pick them up at his house. She claims she told him she was "not comfortable" going to his home and "reminded him that our agreement is for drop off at the receiving parent’s home at the end of each parent’s custodial period."

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She says he "refused to drop off the children, and instead insisted that I pick them up or else he would keep them for the weekend. I responded again that he did not bring the children to me by 2:00 pm or I would call the police."

Cops were called out to the scene to deal with the situation. Also, she says the following morning he sent "rambling, unhinged, incoherent, and harassing series of texts to my sister."

Tom Arnold posted some of the exchanges on Twitter and Facebook, and it included a video of the couple's son talking about being followed by the police.

Interestingly, she claims Tom taped "a photo of Donald Trump over my head on photograph of me holding our daughter, Quinn, and prominently displaying it at the house."

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Tom posted a statement with the video saying, "The mother of my kids makes up stories & stages reckless, foolish & dangerous stunts, some with her family. Some at my home. Some at where she and sister Andrea live next to her parents Joyce & Stephen. Brother Mark Groussman just bought a huge new house on the block. The kids told me. who know? I know his sister Ashley’s fake stunts involve the police. She did one in front of each of our children’s schools over the last 2 weeks trying to get me arrested in front of our kids again. I’m going to court next week to try to get custody finally. That explains her escalating maybe. Until then Jax is my wingman."

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Tom Arnold responded to the allegations saying his ex-wife is just taking steps to minimize his time with the children. Also, he says she points the finger at him for poor parenting, but in fact "Ashley has a temper. She exhibits aggressive behavior on a regular basis."

He says she has called the police on him several times and each time they leave saying the children are fine. Bottom line, she has shown no support for any allegations of abuse.

As we reported, Tom Arnold's previously called the police to conduct a welfare check on the children while they were in the custody of the "True Lies" star.

According to court records, the ex-parte part of the restraining order was denied, and the couple will be back in court on January 28.

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