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Farrah Abraham Allows Horse To Be Graffitied; Ridiculed For Animal 'Cruelty' & 'Disrespect'

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By MLC on July 25, 2022 at 8:30 PM EDT

Farrah Abraham is receiving a heaping, fresh load of criticism.

The former “Teen Mom” star is being accused of animal cruelty and disrespect after she allowed her miniature horse to be painted on.

Recently, Farrah shared an image of her horse, Starburst, with hearts, dragonflies and other sketches all over her blonde mane.

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Farrah Abraham Accused Of Animal Cruelty

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“Starburst hosted her first birthday party! We’re so proud of this birthday wish come true!” she wrote alongside the photo.

Farrah continued, “Starburst let the kiddos paint unicorn designs, pet and feed her!”

This set her followers into a tizzy, and she received immediate backlash.

“I can’t believe that no one has reported this that lives in the area. This is animal cruelty,” one follower began, while another added, “This is awful. This is NOT cute, that poor horse.”

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See The Graffitied Horse

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Others tagged PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in the post pleading with them to “rescue this poor thing.”

Reps for Farrah said that the reality TV star and her family along with the professionals who watch Starburst “do not condone animal abuse or neglect.”


Ironically enough, they added the horse recently suffered some health issues.

Per her reps, Starburst is “beyond well taken care of” and is “no longer staying at her dad’s home after Farrah found Starburst with her eye black and damaged along with other markings.”

I guess “unicorn markings” are the only acceptable markings in Farrarh’s book.

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Farrah Allows Some Markings On Her Pet Horse

Farrah Abraham

Following Starburst’s stay at Farrah’s father’s place, the horse was placed under “intensive 24 hour a day watch by vets,” and she claims she “went above and beyond to save Starbursts eye from inoculation.”

The veterinarian bills surpassed $4k a month.

Farrah reportedly allows children to “socialize and play with therapy horses like Starburst,” in a facility where they host children’s parties and pamper experiences for the horses.

“The love from children is far from what animal neglect is as Farrah treats Starburst like her very own child,” her reps added. “Farrah and Sophia are happy to see Starburst happier than she’s ever been.”

This isn’t the only recent criticism the “16 & Pregnant” alum received.

Last week she was accused of taking her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, clubbing.

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Farrah Was Accused Of Clubbing With Her Teenage Daughter

Per reports, she was accused of taking her teenager to a club, but Farrah vehemently died the allegations.

Speaking to TMZ, she went with Sophia and her friends to an “all ages” concert at the Empire Control Room in Texas on Monday, July 18. Farrah felt it would be a safer experience for her daughter and her friends if she was there, and she referenced Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tragedy.

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Farrah claims she was trying to educate her daughter on how to have a fun yet safe time at a concert.

“For the record I wasn’t clubbing with her. It was an all ages concert,” she explained to the outlet. “I think I’m just taking it upon myself, as I have a teenager now, to just show her like, ‘Hey maybe stay out of the mosh pit, stay away from some danger zones when you’re at concerts.”

She explained that this is what summer is for.

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