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Hilaria Baldwin Drops ANOTHER Video: 'Sharing Stretches Is The Best Caring'

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By Kristin Myers on July 21, 2022 at 3:15 PM EDT

Pregnant mom Hilaria Baldwin is always looking out for the health of her Instagram followers.

The yoga instructor knows a thing or two about how to stay flexible, and now that she's entered the final trimester of her latest pregnancy, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin knows it's all too important to stretch!

On Thursday, she revealed a few stretches to help loosen the tight muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders.

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Hilaria Baldwin Shares Stretches To Relieve Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

Hilaria doesn’t really look all that pregnant in the video, and she revealed that she filmed it “a couple of years ago.” It seems like Hilaria has been doing these exercises for a while as she stands in front of her bathroom sink and performs a series of stretches.

In one stretch, she puts her hands flat on the counter and leans forward, diving her head past her arms, in order to loosen up her shoulders as she does a few small squat pulses. In another stretch, she crosses her arms over her chest and hugs her arms together before she uncrosses her arms and performs the same stretch with her opposite arm on top.

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Hilaria Baldwin at the American Museum of Natural History Benefit Gala
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She then puts her hands behind her head, at the base of her neck, as she stretches her neck forward and back, tilting her chin up and down. She also shows followers that they can grab a towel or a washcloth and hold it in both hands behind them as they pull down to stretch out the shoulders and the upper back. Hilaria then tosses the washcloth onto the white counter beside her and performs the stretches with her fingers interlaced behind her back.

“Back, neck, shoulders,” she wrote in the caption of the video. “Here is a stretching vid I did a couple of years ago…one that I am currently using for tension in these areas. Helps so much with headaches and stiff necks and backs. Pass the love on to your friends too…sharing stretches is the best caring.”

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One follower commented, “Yesss! Thanks for always sharing your tips, love.”

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The Baldwin Mom Also Shares Stretches To Help Ease Restless Legs

On Wednesday morning, Hilaria Baldwin uploaded another video showing her followers how to perform several different stretches to help restless legs. Although she's experiencing a lot of "restless legs" during her pregnancy, followers don't need to be pregnant to benefit from these stretches!

"Calves, legs, hip, back pain. These stretches are life changing," she wrote in the caption of the video.

"I get a lot of restless leg when I’m pregnant…and even sleep with this lacrosse ball under my hip sometimes," she explained. "I broke my hip straight through when I was 25 and it still bothers me…especially when I’m pregnant."

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"The first is for calf stretching. Notice how I bend my knee to target Achilles and lower calf," she wrote, breaking down the exercises one by one. "The second is for hip flexor (aka psoas) this helps hip and back and quad. The third is with the ball and I place it in my outer glute, where I get nerve tension. The last targets outer hip, back and hamstring. If you flex front foot, like I am, it will get calf too."

She told her followers to make sure to do the exercises on "both sides" and to "enjoy" their time stretching!

"Oooooh the vibes on this video are so good! " one fan commented. "By the way, it’s awesome to see your hip back to 100% full function."

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Fans are glad to see that Hilaria Baldwin is still in great shape during her latest pregnancy. Fans interested in more of her pregnancy updates can find that information here.

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