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By TheBlast Staff on December 24, 2019 at 6:24 AM EST

Gettyimages | Stephen Pond

Prince William and Prince Harry have clearly been at odds this year. Harry didn't even try to deny the rumors, saying he and William are on "different paths" during his documentary Meghan and Harry: An African Journey.

It always seemed inevitable that their wives, and families would be compared to each other, and that competition would eventually ensue.

With Prince William on a path to one day being King, Harry is in limbo, not really sure what his future role will be.

Their family Christmas cards this year show a stark contrast between the two brothers, and how they are going about their lives.

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Twitter ComdtAC/Courtesy Of The Daily Mail

This year has seen a huge amount of controversy within the royal family, especially from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But, one couple, who hasn't put a toe wrong, and seems to have stepped into their roles with ease and confidence is Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The royal couple proved themselves this year to be reliable, stable, and completely prepared for their future roles. They've worked hard, showing they will easily lead the monarchy as future King and Queen Consort.

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A source told the Daily Mail, "They are in a very healthy place both personally and professionally and are really coming to terms with their role. They are working harder than ever before and juggling an even bigger family, but have tried hard to find a successful balance between their work and home life."

It's this new "Brand Cambridge" that is displayed in their Christmas card this year. A masculine-looking William sitting on a motorbike, surrounded by his supportive wife, and their three adorable children.

The Cambridges are showing in their Christmas card a photo of a stable family, who has taken on the responsibility of continuing the monarchy, despite the scandals from the people around them.

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PA/ Courtesy of The Daily Mail

They've faced a huge amount of criticism this year, from accusations of hypocrisy over their private jet use to their out of touch interviews in Meghan and Harry: An African Journey.

After facing daily negative coverage from the media, the couple took a 6-week break from their royal duties to spend private time with family. That means they will not attend Christmas at Sandringham this year, and they haven't been seen in quite a while.

Now, their Christmas card has come out and has already faced criticism for looking a little strange, and photoshopped.

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Gettyimages | WPA Pool

After the card was released, Twitter exploded, with people claiming Meghan's face looked photoshopped in. While Archie looks adorable staring into the camera, Meghan's face looks very strange, and Prince Harry is blurred.

The criticism of the card shows just how disliked the couple seems to be at the moment, and in contrast to the happy family display from the Cambridges, it appears somewhat forced.

Just as their card last year showed them with their backs turned, it seems their card fell flat once again.

It will be quite interesting to see where The Cambridges and Sussexes go next year, and how far their paths will divide.

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