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McDonald's Customer Nearly Dies After Picking Up Stray Dollar Bill

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By MLC on July 13, 2022 at 12:30 PM EDT

A Kentucky woman is thanking her lucky stars after a near-death experience at a Tennessee McDonald’s.

Last weekend, Renee Parsons was on a road trip with her family when they made a pit stop at the golden arches.

Parson took her young children to a McDonald's bathroom when she picked up a stray dollar bill off of the bathroom floor.

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Woman Has INSANE Experience At McDonald's!

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While finding random dollar bills could be considered someone’s “lucky day,” this instance was far from lucky.

Parsons said after picking up the dollar bill, her body went into complete shock and she quickly passed out.

The McDonald’s was located off of Highway 70 in Bellevue, TN.

“She looked like she was dying. She certainly was unconscious and very pale,” her husband Justin told WKRN 2.

Parsons recalls not being able to breath and her body going numb.

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She Couldn't Breath, Feel Her Limbs & Passed Out

“I couldn’t even breathe. It’s almost like a burning sensation, if you will, that starts here at your shoulders, and then it just goes down because it’s almost like it’s numbing your entire body,” she said.

At the time she picked up the bill, she was holding their three-month-old child.

“I grabbed my husband’s arm with the same hand that I had the money in and said, ‘Justin please help me, it won’t stop it’s getting worse,’” she recalled.

Luckily, her husband jumped into action and sped to the nearest hospital. It’s reported he was going 100 MPH in a 35 MPH zone and ran through every red light to get his wife medical attention.

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Justin recalls his wife’s speech becoming slurred before she went unconscious.

Unfortunately, Justin began to feel side effects as well after she touched his arm with the same hand she picked the dollar bill up with.

“My lips started going numb and my arm broke out in a rash,” Justin said.

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Renee Parsons Suffered 'Accidental Overdose'

Per WKRN, his symptoms lasted for about an hour while Renee’s lasted for about four before she was released on an accidental overdose.

Parsons claims the dollar bill was covered with fentanyl or something close to it; however, the toxicology report doesn’t test for synthetic drugs.

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“I just want people to know because it could have been a child,” she explained.

The responding Metro police officer told them the dollar bill had likely been used to cut or store drugs.

On Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for Metro Nashville Police told News 2 they didn’t see any grains present on the dollar bill and took it to the property room to be destroyed.

This horrifying event comes just one month after Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems issued a warning about not picking up stray money.

Don't Pick Up Stray Money, It Could Be Laced With Fentanyl

Money laced with fentanyl has been found at multiple gas stations.

Sheriff Weems is telling parents to educate their children about not picking up money that isn’t theirs, no matter how tempting free money appears.

“I wouldn’t want my child picking up something like that and then opening it and — inhale it,” Weems told News 2.

A Vanderbilt doctor echoed the sheriff’s sentiments.

Dr. David Edwards said, “If you are a child and you pick up a dollar bill that’s full of powder and you put your fingers in your mouth I would I say that would be a big risk.”

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