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Cardi B Got Into An Emotionally Charged Feud With A Media Outlet: 'I'm Not A Crazy Person!'

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By Favour Adegoke on July 13, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT

In a heated Twitter argument, Cardi B called out popular glam and gossip site The Shade Room for posting videos of her daughter. The hit rapper also accused them of posting only negative comments about her.

On Sunday, The Shade Room posted a video of Kulture, her and Offset's daughter, celebrating her fourth birthday. Fans praised the kid as she held a stack of dollar bills in a nice outfit in the clip (which her father had originally posted on his Instagram story.)

Seeing the reposted video, Cardi reportedly DMed the gossip site and asked them to take it down. She then took to their comments section after a while to publicly insist that they removed the clip from their page. However, this request turned into an unexpected feud.

Keep reading to find out how it went.

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Things Got Very Heated Between Cardi B And TSR

Cardi B in purple

As reported by HuffPost, Things got serious when the page repeatedly ignored the star's request. After being unable to reach them anymore, she took to Twitter to call them out again. She demanded, "Delete my child off y'all page!"

Cardi then blasted the celeb site and insisted they had a plan to spoil her image by posting only bad things about her family. This definitely got TSR's attention, and they debuted this claim. They noted that they also posted positive news about the rapper. However, she responded by revealing the private exchange they had in their Instagram DMs.

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"I DM'd you guys but, of course, you guys ignore me, and that's why I had to take it publicly," she said. "Clearly, you guys have me muted from commenting on your page. That's why when I comment, nobody can see my comment and I actually have screenshots of it, and that's why I posted it."

In a video, she continued on the topic, "So now you guys want to gaslight me." Cardi also slammed them for muting her from commenting. She also claimed that they only posted positive things sometimes, so they could "continuously post negative things about [her] that [they] don't do to other artists."

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TSR Rebutted Her Claims

Cardi B is seen at the Balenciaga store for a fitting during Paris Fashion Week in Paris.

Fans believed that she previously had beef with the gossip page as Cardi refused to let down. In a since-deleted tweet, the star noted that she was more upset at the site for posting bad things about her daughter. "You only post negative content bout me, cool, no biggie… but please don't post my child on yall funny ish …I don't want to be old self but just leave me alone."

In response to her series of tweets, TSR wrote, "What's the phone number of the lawyer you used in your defamation case because we tryna see something." This was a reference to her recent $4 million court ruling against blogger Tasha K. "Is this the 'only negative' content you are referring to?"

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Cardi B Got Emotional

Cardi then revealed that her request to TSR to remove the video came after seeing some hostile comments from fans about her daughter. After further calling out the site, Cardi then posted an emotional message asking TSR to "take it easy" on her.

"I'm a person and I have feelings. I'm not a crazy person, I'm not this ghetto person, I'm not this person that's trying to make narratives about me," she said. "You guys clearly know what you're doing; if you wasn't, you wouldn't have muted me."

"But my thing is, take it easy on me," she continued, "I'm a person as well, and I'm trying to protect my best, my mental health. It's too much. The "Money" rapper also noted that they could've settled privately, "but clearly you guys are ignoring me, so now we have to, I guess, do it like this."

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They Settled The Beef

Cardi B

Although most of this long-drawn exchange has been deleted, many fans watched the feud unfold in real-time. However, Cardi also noted that they'd handle the matter "like adults" and hinted at a private call.

Shortly after, TSR agreed and put out a statement to its fans. "Just spoke to @iamcardib and we were able to come to a resolution," the site explained on social media. "We're putting the issue to rest and moving on. Cardi, we wish you the best and continued success. Glad we found a way to move forward peacefully. What happened earlier was bad, but how it ended is good."

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