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Amanda Bynes & Paul Michael Are NOT Getting Married After Tumultuous Engagement

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By Taylor Hodgkins on July 10, 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT

There is a good chance Judge Trudy's dancing lobsters would not be busting a move over this news.

The "Amanda Show" alumna Amanda Bynes and her fiancé of two years, Paul Michael, have decided to call off their engagement. The pair have been dating for two years, and their relationship has also endured several close calls.

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Bynes and Michael experienced a rough patch a few months ago after Bynes revealed several personal tidbits about her former fiancé's drug use and personal viewing habits, alleging Michael was a frequent porn consumer. According to The Blast's report at the time, the pair decided to put aside their differences, and Bynes publicly addressed the matter on social media. Bynes and Michael also decided to keep wearing rings after the incident. Bynes later apologized for the incident, saying, "I'm so sorry for the confusion that I caused."

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Why Did Bynes and Michael Call Off Their Engagement?

Amanda Bynes’ Conservatorship Officially Extended Through The Year 2023

After going through and enduring a series of matters on their road to tying the knot, the couple, who have decided to stay together, made the decision to put the breaks on their betrothal.

According to E!, an inside source revealed to the publication "[They] are together working through the tough times," and attributed the couple's choice to "the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and public pressure."

The source did not elaborate on the specifics concerning the "series of specific challenges" which lead Bynes and Michael to end their engagement.

The outlet also reported the couple's decision was not the first time they had decided to end their engagement and put a wedding on hold.

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'Ringing' In The Future

Amanda Bynes wearing wedding ring
Instagram / Amanda Bynes

Last Fall, fans had thought Bynes and Michael had made it to the altar without a camera in sight!

According to The Blast's report, Bynes' attorney had told E! News the rumors, speculated by photos of Bynes and Michael both wearing rings on their left hand, were untrue.

Bynes' former fiance had previously called the actress "The best thing that ever happened to me" in an interview with E! from December of last year. (via The Blast)

He had also given fans a rare glimpse into their relationship dynamic, saying, "We take good care of each other, and we're understanding of one another, and she is a good listener, and we're there for each other."

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Despite her newfound singleness, Bynes is still looking toward the future, thanks in part to her hip-hop career. As of earlier this Spring, Bynes had released two singles. One had been a collaboration with Michael called "Fairfax."

Both of her singles are available for streaming, as per another report from The Blast.

As of this writing, the couple has yet to publicly comment on the dissolution of their latest engagement. E! had also previously reported her parents had always been on the fence about Bynes and Michael making the leap to marriage, back in 2020.

The couple had first gotten engaged back in February of that year. According to Us Weekly, her initial engagement announcement, made on social media, did not contain any mention of Michael's identity.

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