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Senada Greca Flaunts Toned Abs In INTENSE Dragon Flag Core Challenge

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By Kristin Myers on June 28, 2022 at 8:00 AM EDT

Fitness trainer Senada Greca holds absolutely nothing back in her workouts and she has the results to prove it!

The Zentoa founder took to Instagram and crushed an insanely difficult ab challenge while beating the summer heat in a bright blue bikini!

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Senada Greca Masters INSANE Ab Challenge In Bright Blue Bikini

In the video, the fitness trainer showed herself holding onto the side of the pool for leverage as she literally hovered the bottom half of her body in the air. If the dragon flag wasn’t impressive enough, she then turned it up another level by doing scissor kicks and flutter kicks, waving her legs back and forth in the air with control and amazing form.

“Dragon Flag Core – how many you got?” she wrote in the caption. “Challenge someone to this. 10-30 seconds each x 3 rounds.” Plenty of fans lit up the post with fire emojis.

“D--- that body, the sides of the abs!” one follower commented. “Awesome work!!”

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Instagram / senada.greca
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“Ok now you’re just showing off,” another wrote. “Great job tho!”

“You’re rocking this queen,” said a third follower along with two fire emojis.

“Love your dragon flag and your scissor and flutter kick variations too!” another wrote. “You are in phenomenal shape! This is such a fantastic workout!! ??????”

Senada doesn't just crush the core, but she gives followers workouts that tone every part of the body!

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Senada Greca Gives Fans A View Of A Booty They Can Only Dream Of!

On Monday, Senada skipped the pool and headed straight for the gym, rocking a cute haircut and putting her firm muscles on display in all kinds of squat variations.

“Glutes + Legs - Love this game for INFINITY… I mean all of it… the pain, the sweat and tears, the successes and the failures,” she wrote in the caption.

“Learn to love it all. SETTLE IN the moment and in the idea that fitness is a journey of taking care of yourself for life,” she continued. “And while you might still have days when your motivation lacks, you will remember why your doing this and press on, Warrior! So press on!!!”

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Senada Greca
Instagram / senada.greca

Fans noticed that Senada did all of the exercises in the gym completely barefoot. One fan wrote, “Love that you can lift barefoot in a gym these days. I remember days when we couldn’t do that! ?”

“Do you prefer lifting weights with or without shoes?” one follower asked. “Because me feet get so hot and would prefer to lift without them.” Senada replied, “I personally prefer no shoes ?”

“Currently doing your workouts and let me tell you ?!!!! I love them!!” another follower shared.

“Modern day super woman !” another shared. “Great content all I gotta do is watch one of your videos and it gets me to the gym!”

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Senada Greca Shares A Full Body Workout With Only ONE Dumbell!

Senada knows that not all of her followers have access to a gym, which is why she sometimes records her videos from inside her own home. Earlier this month, she uploaded an intense full body workout using only ONE dumbbell, so followers have absolutely no excuses not to throw some weight around.

“Full Body Friday - one of my favorite vids and workouts of all time,” she wrote in the caption. “Do you incorporate full body workouts??? Full body workouts, though I keep them light, always make me feel powerful.”

“Love love love this workout!!!???” one follower commented.

Instagram / senada.greca
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“Love full body workouts ?” another fan agreed.

“Always such creative ideas ?” said a third.

“Great workout!” another wrote. “So strong and beautiful!! Love it❤️???”

Fans can’t wait to see what kind of workout she’s going to upload next!

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