'Love & Hip Hop' Star Lil Fizz’s Ex Moniece Slaughter Plans To Sue Him, Amid Apryl Jones Drama

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By Ryan Naumann on November 20, 2019 at 4:47 AM EST


“Love & Hip Hop” star Lil Fizz’s ex Moniece Slaughter is preparing to slap him with a lawsuit, amid the Apryl Jones dating controversy.

Last night, Moniece took to social media writing, “I think I’m going to sue my baby daddy for my role in the good lotion video. I mean it only did what it did cuz I made an appearance. Lol. Well. And the bags under my eyes. So. I think I should get triple my day rate. @daylana88 can we look into this please @waltermosley I need one of you to figure out how to recoup my coins #imserious.”

Moniece is referencing Lil Fizz 2015 music video for a song titled “Good Lotion.” Moniece and Lil Fizz dated for many years and share a son named Kamron, who was born in 2010.

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Moniece and her ex have not been seeing eye to eye ever since he started dating Apryl Jones.

The controversy stems from Apryl sharing two kids, A’mei and Megaa, with Omarion. Lil Fizz and Omarion have been in the band B2K together for over a decade.

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On Omarion’s birthday, Moniece wrote to him, “Megaa’s whole face. Happy birthday to a legend. To an inspiration. I’ve not communicated with you personally in years. Especially during this time and I’m not looking for a response. I simply wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank you and acknowledge you. Your ability to focus on vibrating at such a high level. Not just for the sake of your own children. But for my son as well, is a vibration that i pray I’m able to attain in this life time. I pray I’m able to master the art of silence. It’s such a powerful response. May you continue to see more life. Sew seeds of positivity. And receive many more blessings. The amount of self work that it takes to be this noble is and has to be so intense and even seemingly lonely at times. I applaud you. Happy birthday ?”

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Moniece even shared a quote on social media, “If today all you did was hold yourself together, I am proud of you.” She wrote, “Channeling my inner Omari”, a reference to Omarion not commenting.

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Despite all the criticism over Apryl and Lil Fizz’s relationship, Omarion recently teased fans asking who was ready for a B2K Millennium Tour in 2020. He also broke his silence on his baby mama dating his friend. He sat down with VladTV saying, “I don’t feel no ways. I don’t feel any way about it. I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative, though.”

He added, “If it’s their so-called happiness, then I shouldn’t be a part of it, She’s still the mother of my children. When something affects her, it affects my kids, and that affects me. But what she does is, you know, live your life! I think people should do whatever makes them happy. I think they should change the narrative.”

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