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Maisie Williams Opens Up About 'Being In Control' Of Her Career After 'GoT'

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By Favour Adegoke on June 25, 2022 at 6:30 PM EDT

Actress Maisie Williams has been marching to the beat of her own drum since leaving the wildly popular series, "Game of Thrones." Williams, who played Arya Stark on the show, has gone on to star and work on various projects (like "New Mutants") that have further showcased her acting chops.

Despite the fame and popularity, she opened up recently that she did not feel content or empowered enough by her past experiences. Now, in a recent interview, she shared how she was in control after constantly searching for empowerment. 

Read on for more details on her journey to empowerment.

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Maisie Williams Finds Empowerment In Podcasting!

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After over a decade of being in front of the camera, Williams is ready to foray into other endeavors and take control.

In an exclusive interview with People, "The Game Of Thrones" actress spoke about the newly launched podcast, "Frank Film Club With Maisie Williams," and the fulfillment she found from taking on the project.

"It's been really exciting being in control of the show," said the 25-year-old-actress. "As an actor, you are a small part of someone else's vision. But as the podcast host, you get to shape the show and highlight the movies and filmmakers that [you] admire."

She shared that she has been searching for empowerment that lets her exert control.

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"As an actor, you are at the fate of other people's decisions. So I think that is what I enjoy, just the control and being able to create something for myself."

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In this podcast, she discusses the film with friends and co-hosts Lowri Roberts and Hannah Marie Williams. According to the outlet, she crafted it because film reviews are a "hugely important part of the film industry."

"It's quite overwhelming to form your own opinions about films and the film industry as someone, as a woman, who works in film," the actress explained. "And when you are tasked with watching all of these movies and forming your own opinions, it can be quite a scary and intimidating world to step into."

She shared that she got the idea for the podcast during the pandemic when she and her friends would watch movies and talk about it later.

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"My friends and I would watch movies and talk about them after, so we thought, 'why not start a podcast?' Since then, we have been able to transform the podcast and bring pieces of ourselves to each episode in an authentic way!"

All Her Co-Hosts Work In The Movie Industry

In the interview, she shared that all her co-hosts worked in the film industry and had every right to take up space in it and form their opinions.

"In this way, they each wanted to bring to an audience because you feel like it is something that not many people speak about."

She added, "yeah, it is open to dialogue."

Williams also shared with the outlet the importance of taking part in female-focused events.

"I am always trying to find confidence within myself, and I'm always trying to lift myself and kind of go against the grain of just the systems we have in place," she began. "And I think what was so inspiring about the fireside chat was just being amongst a lot of other women I felt I had a lot in common with."

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She concluded, "So it is always really nice when you're just talking to an audience of people who you feel are aligned creatively and on all of our journeys."

She Felt Deeply Inspire At The

Williams, who was a part of Spotify festival's Equality Lounge Female Quotient Lounge Discussion on Monday, shared that it was inspiring to connect with "a lot of artists" at the festival.

"I think many creatives across industries have a lot in common, but we do not always get to have those conversations and discuss it," added Williams. "I think for women; it is really important to stick together and build each other up and not put barricades in front of one another and ourselves. It is important that Spotify is hosting events like this, so to be a part of it, it is a no-brainer."

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Maisie Williams Has Learned A Lot From Arya Stark

While at the festival, Williams shared that she learned so much from her Arya Stark character, and the role was never too far from her mind whenever she took up another acting gig.

"Arya Stark represents a lot of change to the industry. I am so grateful to have played her over the last ten years, and every new role I take on, I always think back to her character and what I learned from her."

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