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Ezra Miller Allegedly Housed Woman And Her Three Kids In Dangerous Environment

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By Favour Adegoke on June 25, 2022 at 3:30 PM EDT

DCEU actor and star of the upcoming the "The Flash" movie, Ezra Miller has been in the news for all the wrong reasons since the start of the year.

Over the past few months, the actor has been arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment, slammed with a restraining other, and courted controversy on social media after posting memes that seemed to make a mockery of the law authorities.

While his previous shenanigans have already tarnished his impending role in DC solo speedster film, one would think that the actor would be on good behavior to prevent more legal issues and jeopardize his future with DC.

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However, Miller has once again sparked a new media firestorm by housing a 25-year-old mother and her three small children at his Vermont farm, apparently without the consent of the children's father, who has now voiced his decision to get back his kids.

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Ezra Miller Did Not Seek Consent From Children's Father

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - Arrivals. 06 May 2019 Pictured: Ezra Miller.

According to reports obtained by Rolling Stone, the mother, and her children, aged one to five, have been living at the "The Flash" star's Stamford, Vermont, farm since the middle of April. The actor met the young woman in Hilo, Hawaii, which Miller had been visiting back in March.

The children's father claims to the news publication that Miller secured a flight out of Hawaii for the woman and her kids, allegedly without his knowledge. He also claims he has not been able to see or speak with his kids since they left with their mom.

"I got a bad feeling in my stomach," said the father. "I do want to go get my kids, they mean the fucking world to me."

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The father claims he had previously made efforts to remove his children from the farm since he confirmed their location, even going as far as contacting Vermont's Department for Children and Families (DCF) and also the local police to help carry out wellness checks. However, all such moves have been met with failure, and he remains uncertain if they would ever return.

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Reports Claim That The Kids Are Exposed To Drugs & Guns

Universal Music Group's Grammy AwardsAfter Party. 26 Jan 2020 Pictured: Ezra Miller.

What complicates matters further is that Miller has been accused of putting the children in an environment where they are exposed to firearms, marijuana, and other items that might risk their lives.

Rolling Stone analyzed video footage from April that appears to show at least eight assault weapons, handguns, and rifles lying around the living room, with some weapons propped up close to a mound of plush animals.

Furthermore, two people said there was regular and intense marijuana usage in front of the children, with no regard for appropriate ventilation to prevent secondhand smoking. Furthermore, one of the insiders who chose to remain anonymous recounted an incident in which one of the younger children was seen playing with a loose bullet and, at some point, placed it in her mouth.

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The Young Mother Calls Ezra Miller's Vermont Ranch A 'Haven'

Ezra Miller at The UK Premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

If the reports are to be believed, the ongoing situation might get further complicated if any of the kids get harmed for as long as they remain on Miller's 96-acre property.

However, from all indications, the children's mother is content with staying there and has called the home her haven.

"[Ezra's] home ranch has been a healing haven for us," she tells Rolling Stone. "They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house that the children never go in… My kids are able to relax more into their healing because of the safety and nurturing Ezra has been providing for them."

Why Is Ezra Miller Housing A Mother And Her Kids?

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen The Flash
Instagram/Ezra Matthew Miller

According to reports, the mother and her children were staying with Miller to evade her husband. The pair had repeatedly faced marital issues for some time before she absconded with the children.

In May 2021, the mother filed one domestic abuse lawsuit and one paternity complaint against the father. The man responded by disputing all claims of abuse, and the domestic case was subsequently dismissed since neither parent showed up in court on the scheduled date.

With the debate still raging on, this might further taint Miller's reputation, which has already been tarnished. The father has filed a domestic action against the mother for moving the children out of state, which may result in some criticism for the DC actor in the long term.

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