Kevin Hart Gets 'Cold As Balls' With the Bella Twins, Ninja & Dennis Rodman

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By Gary Trock on November 12, 2019 at 1:29 PM EST


Kevin Hart announced the star-studded lineup for the third season of his hilarious YouTube talk show where he asks provocative questions while big celebrities immerse themselves into an ice-cold bath. Hart announced the trailer for Season 3 of "Cold As Balls" Tuesday on social media.

"This season has everything: tapped phones, tiny shorts, banana boats, and Ninja."

The 48-second clip is jampacked with one-liners from Hart's guests, including Dennis Rodman, Chris Paul, Erin Andrews, Lolo Jones, Nikki & Brie Bella, Mark Cuban and Ninja.

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Among the questions Hart teases in the trailer, he asks Rodman about breaking his penis (3 times), Ninja about using swear words while playing video games ... and he finally gets to the bottom of who the ultimate Bella Twin is.

Former WWE Superstar Nikki proudly says she's "more athletic" than her twin sister, however, Brie feels that she's much more "accomplished in life" than her better half. Good thing those tubs are full of ice because things looked like they were heating up!

Kevin also spoke out about his anticipation for the new season of "CAB."

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"I couldn’t be more excited to be back in the tub with what is sure to be our biggest and most ambitious season of ‘Cold as Balls.' The outpouring of support we’ve received for the first two seasons has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see how fans react to what we have in store for them next."

"Cold As Balls" returns November 12.

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After weeks of recovery, Kevin Hart made his first public appearance this past weekend at E! People Choice Awards. He accepted an award for Best Comedy Act and walked out on stage to a standing ovation from the audience of fans and peers.

"First and foremost, thank God because I definitely don't have to be here. Being that I am, it makes me appreciate life even more. It makes me appreciate the things that really matter. Family. I want to thank my wife and kids, who really stepped up to the plate for me."

Hart also thanked his fans for the support during his recovery, and said, "It means the world and I truly want to thank you guys for being there for me in my difficult time."

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Regardless of what Hart has been through, he hasn't lost his sense of humor and has been leaning on love and laughter during his recovery. Even for Halloween, Hart showed that he wasn't too hurt to take a classic shot at his BFF, The Rock, when he dressed up as his "Jumanji: The Next Level" co-star's legendary fanny pack photo.

Last month, Hart broke his silence about the car wreck that nearly ended his career with a video documenting his recovery in the days immediately following the tragic incident.

"When God talks you gotta listen," Hart said over video of himself in a hospital bed strapped up to machines. He's then shown trying to stand with the help of a walker.

"After my accident, I see things differently, I see life from a whole new perspective."

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