Monica's Ex Shannon Brown Posts Cryptic Message About Love Following Divorce Being Finalized

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By Ryan Naumann on November 9, 2019 at 10:56 AM EST

Singer Monica’s ex-husband Shannon Brown is in his feelings on social media days after their divorce become final.

The former NBA star posted a photo of selfie of him in front of mirrors. The image was captioned, “What if I told you to find my heart you would have to piece me back together ?!?!?!?”

One fan wrote Brown, “Stay strong .. you will get thru this ..” and “Time to rebuild it better than before. ??”

Another comment read, “Stop looking for someone to fix what they didn’t break! God wants your heart he’s truly the only one that knows how to handle it!! Stay strong Shannon!! What’s for you will never miss you ?”

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The emotional message comes days after Monica’s divorce became finalized by a Georgia judge. The singer filed for divorce in March following eight years of marriage. They met in 2010 while she searched for a music video love interest.

Monica and Shannon have a daughter named Laiyah Shannon.

The singer is currently in Mexico celebrating her birthday with T.I., Tiny, Toya Wright and other close friends. While she has been on the trip, Brown has attempted to flirt with his ex on social media.

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The ex-NBA star has been liking a bunch of her recent photos and even flirted with his own post. He reposted a sexy shot of his former wife captioned, “What you say ?!?!?!?!”

Monica and Shannon continue to follow each other on Instagram. She has spoken highly of Brown in the weeks since filing her divorce petition. They appear to be on good terms despite not being in a relationship.

The singer has been staying positive since the split and spreading positivity. She wrote, “New Beginnings Required Shedding it All ?M.D.A.” She posed for a sensual photo shoot while on her trip. Monica shared a snap writing, “The journey is always easier when you hang on to your joy!!!!”

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Fans have been showing the singer love on social media. One person wrote Monica, “That new chapter and inner-peace glow ?”

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Monica has talked about the divorce and effects on her kids, “They’re definitely impacted. Even more than us because we know what’s taking place, sometimes, when they don’t. In their minds, they’re always trying to figure it out — they’re always trying to figure out what happened, why, and what the changes may be. So for us, my main focus was to make sure that they were okay.”

After the split, Monica and Shannon continued living together in the same home. She spoke about the situation, “I’m okay. I’m really okay with everything that’s happening personally and professionally. And typically, one ain’t right when the other one is, but at this point, I understand that nothing happens for nothing. So every day, I wake up with purpose.”

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She added, “You gotta take a back seat to what your children need. School is starting. Things are happening, so who’s more important here? I’m not saying that it’s easy but when it’s not easy, it’s not anybody’s business either.”

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