'Gold Rush' Parker Schnabel Brings In the Biggest Excavator You've Ever Seen!

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By Gary Trock on November 7, 2019 at 9:44 AM EST


"Gold Rush" star Parker Schnabel had his Tim "The Toolman" Taylor moment when he upgraded his crew's machinery to bring in ... MORE POWER! In a tease for the upcoming episode of the Discovery reality series, Parker surprises his crew by rolling up to the mining site with a real game-changer.

"I ordered it this spring when I knew we had a lot to do this year. It's got a big bucket and a lot of power behind it, going to help us move a lot of dirt."

Parker is operating a ginormous Volvo Excavator, the EC750E. The 750 boasts over 500 horsepower and can hold up to 8.5 tons of dirt. It also weighs as much as a T-Rex.

Parker's crew is equally impressed, admitting "It's big," and "I wasn't expecting something like this ... thank you, boss!"

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The "Gold Rush" miners are counting on the big machine to help them move more dirt in a faster amount of time, especially as the end of their water contract continues to cast a cloud over their entire gold mining operation.

Machine operator Brennan Ruault wants to jump into the driver's chair, but not before Parker issues a stern warning to everyone who will be piloting the dirt beast.

"If I see dented panels or scratched paint, you don't get to go home ... you just go straight to the lashings."

Not a crazy statement, considering the 750 sells for around $500,000.

Brennan couldn't even begin to hide his excitement when he jumped into the chair and exclaimed, "This thing is pimp!"

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According to Volvo's brochure for the EC750E is the top of the line when it comes to earth moving machines.

"Gain more profitability and productivity in the EC750E. The Volvo crawler excavator offers
the perfect combination of power and stability to handle a higher capacity in the toughest
applications. Industry-leading fuel efficiency, innovative electro-hydraulic technology and
ECO Mode help to optimize production and maximize your return on investment."

The excavators are also made to handle the tough Alaskan terrain as Parker and the crew search for gold in the Klondike.

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"Operators can work with confidence in challenging environments
with outstanding stability in the EC750E. Operate adverse terrains
in the well-balanced and solid machine, which features a wide
track gauge, long track length, a retractable undercarriage, and an
optimized counterweight. "

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Moving tons of dirt won't be a problem for the new excavator, as the bucket on the machine is tailor-made for mining work.

"Volvo’s heavy-duty and extreme-duty buckets are built using wear
resistant plates, excel at digging compact materials including
loose rock, hard clay and gravel. They are perfect for quarrying and
mining applications and are made of reinforced high quality durable
materials for a long life and superior performance."

And if the bucket is having a tough time getting through the Alaskan earth, the excavator can also be equipped with a hydraulic breaker, which Volvo boasts is "built to break even the most demanding materials."

Parker is doing whatever he can to capitalize on his season of "Gold Rush" as his crew has already been faced with difficult situations. First, his water contract got messed up, only allowing him 1-year to get as much gold as he can before his water source is cut off by the state. On top of that, he's been dealing with trying to wear many hardhats while acting as both owner and foreman, and neither is shaking out to be a lucrative endeavor. Hopefully, his new toy will be a fresh start for the Schnabel crew.

New episodes of "Gold Rush" air Fridays at 9 PM on Discovery.

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