Cedric The Entertainer, Ice Cube, & Marlon Wayans Pay Their Last Respects To John Witherspoon

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By Jeff Mazzeo on November 7, 2019 at 6:08 AM EST

The legendary comic and actor John Witherspoon has been laid to rest after tons of Hollywood stars paid their respects at his memorial.

Celebrities like Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Cedric the Entertainer, David Letterman, and George Wallace attended the comic's funeral at the Forest Lawn National Park cemetery in Glendale on Tuesday. Cedric shared one final tribute post on Instagram to say farewell to a national treasure.

"We laid a Legend to rest yesterday," Cedric wrote in the caption of his post. Love Live the great @johnnywitherspoon So many showed up for the man who man us laugh all this years. Peace and blessings to his loved ones."

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Gettyimages | ROBYN BECK

Witherspoon passed away at his home in Sherman Oaks, California, on October 29th. He was 77.

The open-casket funeral went down a week after his passing and the ceremony started with a monologue by David Letterman. Witherspoon and Letterman were very close and John even made David the godfather to his son. The casket was surrounded by white flowers, family pictures, and artwork and the venue had a large screen that showed a picture of the late star, according to ET.

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Ice Cube delivered a heartfelt speech and called Witherspoon "one of the funniest people I know." Witherspoon famously played Ice Cube's father in the "Friday" movie series.

“Laughter is the medicine for our mind, body, and soul,” Cube told the crowd “It helps us get through this crazy world, and God bless the ones that make us laugh. John was naturally funny. No matter how bad a script was, [there] was nothing you could do to harness John’s funny. It was going to come through. He was going to turn it into magic and that was his true gift.”

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Witherspoon also played the father on the show, "The Wayans Bros." Unfortunately, Marlon Wayans could not make the memorial but send love via social media.

"Can’t make your send off Pops... I’m broken up about it. Unfortunately, have to work. I know you would tell me “mahlon, go get that PAPER! You better go get them keys ? see... you got a comedy key, a sitcom key ? a movie key ? , a stand up key ?... now go get that drama key ? now you gonna unlock ? all that PAPER”. I’ll always hear you. I’m glad every time we said goodbye it was always with a fatherly hug and kiss. So that’s the goodbye I’ll leave it with. #ripPOPS @johnnywitherspoon playing some Johnny Mathis “chances are” in your honour," he wrote on Instagram and included a selfie that shows the star posing with Witherspoon.

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The star shared another post the next day that proves how much the late actor meant to Wayans. "Celebrate all you love EVERYDAY while they’re living. This man was a comedic genius and a legend. Me and my bro @keenenivorywayans was talking the other day. And he said something profound... “ @johnnywitherspoon has classic moments within everyone’s classics. Mine, yours, Eddie’s, Martin, Hudlin brothers, @iamroberttownsend etc...” he was brilliant. #goat ? glad we got to work together... i ain’t gonna be done grieving this lifetime."

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