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'Tiger King' Joe Exotic Calls Off Wedding To Prison Beau John Graham

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By Favour Adegoke on June 16, 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT

"Tiger King" star Joseph Maldonado Passage, popularly known as Joe exotic, is facing another crisis in his love life. The tv-personality is currently embroiled in a divorce with his estranged husband, Dillon Passage.

Before the divorce, the duo was estranged for over a year. Exotic eventually made the move to officially end things in order to tie the knot with his prison beau, John Graham. He already drafted plans for their wedding attires and wrote a letter about their romance, comparing it to the kind of love found in "Twilight."

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Exotic recently announced that following his release from prison some months ago, Graham ended things with him and called off the wedding. Despite that, the tv personality revealed that he had only good thoughts about his ex-beau and planned on rekindling another romance with an old flame.

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Joe Exotic And John Graham Split

John Graham, Joe Exotic's lover pictured on his Instagram page
Instagram/Joe Exotic

Exotic currently has a lot more than his 21-year prison sentence on his plate. The tv-personality was previously convicted for hiring two hit men on different occasions to kill Carole Baskin, an animal welfare activist.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the 59-year-old revealed that he had split from his prison fiancée, Graham. The split came after the former inmate was released from the federal prison in Texas. According to TMZ, Exotic's attorney, Autumn Blackledge, revealed that Graham decided to end things.

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The duo initially fell in love after meeting in February 2021 while serving in FMC Forth Worth in Texas. The "Tiger King" star reportedly still has a close relationship with his ex-fiancé's son and some of his family members despite their split and only had good things to say about Graham.

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Joe Exotic Is Moving On With Ex, Seth Posey

Seth Posey
Instagram/Seth Posey

Despite almost getting married and planning his wedding attire, Exotic doesn't seem too sad about the turn of events. The 59-year-old is reportedly moving on from the failed relationship to try his hand at a previous failed relationship with his ex, Seth Posey.

According to him, Posey had always stood by him, so he wanted to give things another go. The duo first met during an interview in "Tiger King 2," however, they parted ways in November but eventually got back together.

At the time, Exotic described Posey as a "drop f--king dead gorgeous" man who was living in Arkansas. The tv-personality added, "I've never met Seth, but we talk 15 times a day, and we have a pretty strong connection."

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Exotic Ordered Custom All-White Tuxedos For His Wedding

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and fiance John Graham are planning to wear these $11,500 all-white tuxedos with custom silk tiger print lining at their wedding. The jailed star is set to marry Graham after they met in prison and fashion designer Odain Watson of Odaingerous has been asked to design outfits for the wedding. As first revealed by TMZ.com, Joe will get the pink silk tiger print lining and John the traditional tiger print style. Odain has previously worked with Joe on a collection of streetwear, custom shoes and a line of underwear. It will take around four to six weeks to make the tuxes. *BYLINE: Odaingerous Inc./TMZ/Mega. 29 Apr 2022 Pictured: Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and fiance John Graham are planning to wear these $11,500 all-white tuxedos with custom silk tiger print lining at their wedding.

During the height of Exotic's romance with Graham, the 59-year-old ordered designer tuxedos for himself and his then-beau. His attorneys reached out to Odain Watson of Odaingerous to design the all-white attires ahead of their prison nuptials.

Via TMZ, the fashion designer revealed that in addition to their all-white color, the attires would be crafted in Italy and cost around $11,500 each. Both jackets would have a custom-made silk Tiger print lining. Exotic's lining would be pink, while Graham would sport a more traditional-themed version.

Although the style and design of the clothes are sorted out, the designer revealed that taking measurements was an issue due to Exotic's incarceration. To solve the problem, Watson decided to use a model with a similar build as the "Tiger King" star.

Dillon Passage Filed A Prenup In The Divorce Case

Dillon Passage
Instagram/Dillon Passage

The latest news concerning Exotic and Passage's prolonged divorce case is that the 22-year-old filed a prenuptial agreement amid the proceedings. TMZ reported that the prenup was filed on Friday and separated the properties the duo brought into and purchased while in the marriage.

However, Exotic's attorney, Blackledge, told TMZ that the prenup was filed under fraudulent circumstances and that her client never signed any document like that. Blackledge also accused Passage of using the prenup to stretch out the divorce proceedings to capitalize off the fame of his ex-husband.

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The attorney also claimed that Passage sold off several of Exotic's belongings while the tv personality was incarcerated and hasn't visited him in prison yet. The prenuptial documents revealed that Exotic owed over $100 million with assets of around $65,000 and annually made $7,800. Passage on his part made around $20,110 and had $20,000 in student loan debt.

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