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By MLC on June 13, 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT

Did Mariah Carey get a face makeover?!?

The singer’s face has fans absolutely shook on social media.

MC is celebrating the 32nd birthday of debut album titled, “Mariah Carey.”

The singer may have gotten a little excited for the birthday and went overboard with fillers and injections.

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Did Mariah Carey Get Carried Away With Face Fillers???

Mariah Carey at Netflix A Fall From Grace NYC premiere

At least that’s what fans are speculating.

On Sunday, June 12, MC posted a video of herself looking into her phone’s camera while doing a kissy face while “Vision of Love” is playing.

Many fans were LIVING for the video on Twitter, while others were absolutely terrified by her seemingly “new face.”

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See Mariah's "New Face"

“Mariah Carey is unrecognizable. She looks horrific with her new face ???‍♀️???,” one fan tweeted.

Another wrote, “What happened to her face?”

Someone else asked, “New face?”

This very triggered fan wrote, “you look so evil here chile it is scary. Your face is lopsided please stop with the fillers and eyebrow lifts ? #thetruth no one around you tells you the truth so I will.”

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Fans Freak Out Over Mariah's Face

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On the other hand, many fans shared positive messages of support and praise for songstress.

MC recently celebrated a different career milestone.

We reported earlier this month, the “Emotion” singer celebrated the 30th anniversary of her first-ever MTV “Unplugged” performance.

In the event you are too young to know what “MTV Unplugged” is, let us fill you in, and in the event you know what “MTV Unplugged” is, this will be a refresher.

“MTV Unplugged” was a staple of MTV’s 1990s lineup of programming.

`Unplugged' features popular artists performing acoustic -- or unplugged -- versions of some of their biggest hits, offering their fans a chance to experience their favorite tunes in a new way.

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Mariah Carey arrives at Empire State Building in New York
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Many of today’s BIGGEST artists came out of the ‘Unplugged’ lineup including, but not limited to, Paul McCartney, Nirvana, Elton John, Shakira, and Mariah.

Mimi’s first ‘Unplugged’ performance took place on June 2, 1992.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote a lengthy, heartfelt note to herself.

“Happy anniversary to my "MTV Unplugged" show! Happy anniversary to that girl on stage who was so nervous and scared to even sing in front of a crowd,” she began.

Umm… wait.

Mariah Carey “nervous” and “scared” in front of a crowd?! What in the unbelievable is this!

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Okay, obviously she was a new artist and only 23-years-old, so it’s understandable why she felt those feelings.

Mimi had a revelation she had during her ‘Unplugged’ performance.

“Also she had no idea this last minute “unplugged“ show would become a “thing!” During that performance, I remember having a breakthrough moment.. the realization that all I needed to do was SING and actually CONNECT with the people in the audience and be in the moment with THEM!!! And then we were in it together,” she revealed. “When I watch this now, it’s revelatory how many insanely talented musicians and singers I had the privilege of sharing that small stage with and I truly feel blessed. I am thankful to that majestic group of people who made that stage come to life and to the audience in the room for sharing what became a life changing experience for me and as always… Thank you my fans for sharing this journey with me. You save my life each day. #MC30.”

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Mariah performed “Emotions,” “Make It Happen” and “I’ll Be There.”

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