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John Mayer Woke Up Sobbing, Thanks To The Ghost Of Bob Saget

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By MLC on June 11, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT

Bob Saget may be gone, but he will never be forgotten, especially by his friends.

Netflix recently dropped “Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute,” which is a musical, comedy special for the late-comedian.

Saget tragically passed away in his sleep on January 9 after performing stand-up in Orlando, FL.

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Bob Saget Is Memorialized In New Netflix Comedy Special

Bob Saget smiling.
Instagram | Kelly Rizzo

The tribute was filmed at Hollywood’s renowned Comedy Store on the famous Sunset strip a few weeks after Saget passed away.

John Stamos, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Jeff Ross, John Mayer and more attended the tribute and shared their fond memories of the “Full House” star.

Carrey and Ross also improvised a musical number about Saget while Mayer manned the guitar.

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Bob's Famous Friends Tell Jokes & Perform Musical Numbers

The “Gravity” singer revealed that Saget visited him in a dream. Mayer and Saget met in 2006 and became fast friends.

Mayer explained how a young Saget visited him in his dream, and the two of them were going out to grab food.

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Bob Saget's Official Cause Of Death Questioned, 'I Just Don't Believe It'
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“The other night I had a dream, and I woke up crying because I saw Bob,” Mayer recalled. “Oh man, it was young Bob, and we were about to go into a restaurant that I knew and he didn’t know, and I looked right at him and I said, ‘You gotta know how much I love you.'”

Mayer explained that ‘young Bob’ brushed off his “I love you” comment in the dream, but he compelled to tell him again.

“‘Yeah, I know, fine,'” prompting the singer to reiterate, “‘No, I’m telling you. You gotta know how much I love you.'”

This dream was so intense for Mayer he woke up “crying like a baby.”

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Mayer Cried Upon Waking Up From Dream About 'Young Bob'

John Mayer and Bob Saget at the Scleroderma Research Foundation's 2008 Cool Comedy- Hot Cuisine Event

Mayer explains the rest of his conversation with the ghost of ‘young Bob.’

“I said out loud, ‘I love you, Bob, but I got to go back to sleep,’ and I heard him say, ‘Go back to sleep, go back to sleep. You have to go back to sleep, you have to. You have stuff tomorrow,'” he said. “That’s no different than the magic of when he was around. And I learned that. It’s not a jump to go from here to there. Because there is nothing different about the way we access the people we love when they’re there [points up] than when they are here [on Earth].”

Mayer paid for a private jet to fly Saget’s body from Florida back to California after his untimely passing.

The comedian’s Brentwood home recently hit the market for multi-millions.

As PEOPLE reported, the L.A. mansion he lived in before his death is now being sold for seven-million-dollars and comes with ‘to die for’ state-of-the-art technology.

The late ABC star’s abode in Brentwood, L.A., houses a 6,608 square feet space, including six bedrooms, six furnished bathrooms, and a collection of modern technology installed by its former owner.

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Bob Saget in New York City

As for the whole property, it was initially built in 1964 and remodeled in 2003 when Bob reportedly purchased it for $2.895 million.

The house features a three-car garage, pool, spa, grand motor court, and a barbecue entertainment spot.

In addition, the floor plan includes five bedrooms, a large main suite with high domed ceilings, a private patio, fireplace, and an elegant spa-like bathroom with a steam shower, tub, and spacious walk-in closet.

His nephew, Adam Saget, who is handling the house sale, recently dished about Bob’s love for tech, saying, “Bob was very into tech. Over the years, he put in smart house controls and automation throughout the home.”

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