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Terri Irwin Remembers Late Steve Irwin's Adventurous Legacy On 30th Wedding Anniversary

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on June 6, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

American-Australian conservationist Terri Irwin recently paid homage to her late husband, Steve Irwin, marking their 30th wedding anniversary since their marriage in 1992.  

The couple was together for more than a decade before Steve sadly passed away in September 2006 after being jabbed in the chest by a short-tail stingray barb while filming in the Great Barrier Reef.

Terri will forever miss her beloved, whose legacy still lives on, according to the 57-year-old's update on Twitter, honoring their loving union and recalling Steve's adventurous legacy.

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Terri Irwin Tributes Late Husband Steve Irwin With A Beautiful Message

Terri Irwin & Steve Irwin with toy snake in July 2002

"I married this incredible bloke 30 years ago today," the naturalist tweeted, adding, "What an adventure! Love and legacy live on."

The heartfelt words were posted above a picture of her and her deceased partner posing in what appeared to be a natural environment.

The photo showed the pair beaming at the camera with Terri's hands folded across her midsection while Steve held on to her arm.

Fans celebrated the milestone with the Australia Zoo owner as they remarked on the late wildlife expert's legacy living on through the Irwin family.

Several avid supporters of 'The Crocodile Hunter' recalled the couple's show and its positive impact on their lives, while others commended Terri for keeping her spouse's memory alive via her works at her zoo.

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The Oregon-born seems not to have been the only one to acknowledge the special day, as her first child Bindi Irwin also did so with a lovely Instagram post.

The younger Irwin shared a cute throwback shot of her parents sitting on a couch and donning their work khakis with boots.

She wrote under the post, "30 years of a love story that has inspired the world. [red heart emoji]," which thousands reacted to with heartwarming remarks.

Some fans praised Steve and Terri's cool looks in the snap while also stating how inspiring they were to the world.

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At the same time, a fan called Bindi's parents the "biggest power couple," and another expressed how much the late environmentalist was missed.

The 23-year-old conservationist's tribute post comes after another one to her mom earlier this year, showing how grateful she was to have Terri in her life.

The Blast previously reported that Bindi updated her Instagram at the time with a group photo featuring herself, her mother, and her baby daughter while also adding a sweet message honoring her mom. She expressed:

"My sweet mama and Grace's incredible Bunny. Thank you for always being there for us. Your advice and encouragement when I need it (even in the middle of the night) means more to me than you'll ever know." 

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The young zookeeper concluded her beautiful words with an expression of her wholehearted love for "The Crocodile Hunter" star.

As expected, fans were pretty excited to applaud the family's relationship and commend Terri for being a "great" mother to a similarly great daughter.

A fan called the mothers "genuine beautiful souls," while another noted that baby Grace, Bindi's daughter was "blessed" to have her mom and grandmom guide her.

Bindi's post was one of many tributes to her mom on social media, where she also updated fans on their activities and gushed about appreciating the special moments she shared with Terri.

The "Croc Files" Star's Daughter Gushes About Being Raised By A Strong Mother

Last month, The Blast shared Bindi's revelation about her child inspiring her to be more grateful to her mom for singlehandedly raising her and her brother following their father's demise. 

Speaking to PEOPLE, she stressed her mother's admirable parenting prowess and her mothering experience with her daughter, whom she welcomed last March with her husband, Chandler Powell.

The "Crikey! It's the Irwins" star revealed that she often told Terri how much she appreciated her for being a strong parent after Steve died when she was "very little."

She added that her words could not sum up the "volume of respect and pride and gratefulness" she had for her mother, who successfully handled the matters of Australia Zoo and nurtured her kids at the same time.

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Not only did Terri take on parenting and zookeeping fruitfully, but she also ensured her husband's legacy continued, showing she indeed had superpowers.

Bindi and her younger brother Robert were brought up at the Australia Zoo, where they now work, and the TV personality lives with her husband and daughter.

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