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Cancer Battle: Groundbreaking Research Could Make Huge Impact On Cancer Treatments

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By Gary Trock on May 31, 2022 at 4:20 PM EDT
Updated on May 31, 2022 at 8:07 PM EDT

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A breakthrough research method with the potential to change the way cancer therapy treatment is administered to patients battling the disease has just been announced, and shockingly it wasn't from one of the leading deep-pocket hospitals that you'd expect.

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Cancer Antibodies Inc, a small non-profit cancer research foundation based in Florida, recently announced their novel method for finding unique targets on cancer cells. Founded by Dr. Elliot Davis, who is currently facing his own battle with cancer, the organization announced a novel method that "detects unique antigenic targets on the surface of cancer cells and not normal cells."

The result, according to CAI, is that "When those unique sites are targeted, cancer cells can be preferentially killed while leaving normal cells unharmed."

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Developing Specific Therapy Treatments

According to an official release, "All cells, including cancer cells, have areas on the cell surface called antigens. An epitope is the part of the antigen to which antibodies bind. If unique cancer-specific surface antigens or epitopes are found, they can be targeted for the precision killing of cancer."

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The platform developed by CAI claims to "find multiple unique cancer-specific antigens, neo-antigens and oncotopes that exist only on cancer cells." After identifying the cancerous cells, the organization claims specific "therapeutic antibodies" can be created, targeting the "unique antigenic sites."

The research is big news in the ongoing fight against cancer and will be presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, which is being held next month in Chicago.

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Potential To Kill Specific Cancer Cells Without Harming Healthy Cells

The research results are outlined in an abstract published by ASCO last week. CAI's research and platform development led to some key findings:

  • Antibodies generated against a specific type of cancer cell, can kill the cancer cells without harming normal cells from the same tissue type and the same person.
  • These antibodies against one person's cancer can target the same cancer type from a different person and other types of cancers from different tissue types.
  • Antibodies generated against one person's cancer do not harm normal cells from a different person.
  • The platform can generate antibodies against a variety of cancers.

Need Funding

Although the research is potentially life-changing for the thousands faced with cancer battles, Cancer Antibodies Inc is not connected to a big research facility, like Johns Hopkins University. While battling metastasized prostate cancer for the past 10 years, Dr. Davis and his family, including his son Joe, have been spending their life savings self-funding their R&D.

The team at CAI hopes shedding light on their findings with the American Society of Clinical Oncology will help bring in necessary funding to move their research out of the lab and into clinical trials.

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