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Senada Greca Flaunts Ripped Abs Doing Crunches Hanging From A Tree!

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By Kristin Myers on May 31, 2022 at 8:30 AM EDT

Fitness trainer Senada Greca is known for her intense Instagram workouts.

This past week, she took her ab work to another level when she decided to do crunches and a whole ab circuit hanging from a tree!

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Senada Greca Proves You Can Take Fitness Literally Anywhere!

The Zentoa founder showed off her unique workout for her Instagram followers. “Who remembers or has ever done one of my tree workouts??? Tree not needed but absolutely so fun. Makes you feel like a kid again ??” she wrote in the caption.

“A pull up bar works just as well. For the upside down hanging crunches you can utilize an ab bench,” she added.

In the comments, she added, “Tree not necessary but so fun! Go outdoors and crush this one ??”

Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere praised her fun approach to fitness. “I need to actually do this right now,” one fan wrote.

“The control you have in each move is absolutely incredible,” another added.

“Tree Goddess!” said a third.

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What About Ab Work By The Pool?

Senada Greca proves that you don’t just have to hit the gym to work your abs. Using just a yoga mat and a set of light dumbbells, Greca proves that you can work out anywhere… even by the pool!

In the caption, she reminded her followers that dumbbells are totally optional… this workout looks killer with or without it!

“I love training abs in an empty stomach,” she added. “I feel you can connect better with your core and its muscles. Try it out. Deets on this: 12-16 reps, 4 sets.” The four exercises in this video are reverse crunch to leg raise, straight leg crunches, supine oblique crunches, and side plank dips.

“Wow! Thank you for this amazing motivation. ?You are by far the best certified trainer I’m blessed to have discovered here on IG,” one fan commented.

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“Those muscles,” another fan wrote.

“Your vibes bring me so much joy,” said a third.

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Senada Greca Works More Than Just Abs By The Pool!

Senada Greca proves that you can do absolutely any exercise pretty much anywhere with minimal equipment. She posted an “epic” full body exercise with only one dumbbell.

“This burned too good!” she wrote in the caption. “If you have a kettlebell or even a dumbbell, you MUST give this a try.”

She did 12-16 reps for 3-4 sets of KB swing lunge backs, RDL to goblet to calf raise, lateral lunge swings, alt side curtsy to squat, unilateral KB star hollow bodies, kneeling American swing, and bear stance rows. She provided video demonstrations for all of the videos, absolutely torching both her back and her core in the last one.

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“Always next level,” one fan wrote.

“Love your full body workouts,” another commented.

“Woooo. Just finished this one,” another shared. “You make it look so easy.”

One fan asked if she only does the workouts that she does on her Instagram page. Senada replied, “hi love. I do a combination of what I post and other workouts. Must I mostly do post what I exactly do. It might be a day off depending on when I’m able to film and post. I don’t usually hit plateaus because I’m always challenging myself with the workouts in the form of increasing weights, creating better mind muscle connection, time under tension, different exercises etc. hope this helps.”

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