Rotimi Talks Fatherhood, Experimenting With Latin Genre, And Importance of Stage Presence

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By TheBlast Staff on May 12, 2022 at 12:45 PM EDT

Rotimi is showing the world how versatile he is as an artist and an actor. The musician is currently on tour promoting his new album All Or Nothing, a 15-track masterpiece that gives you all the love feels you need.

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The "All Or Nothing" Tour Takes Rotimi Back To His Freshmen Year Of College

Everyone has had the experience of daydreaming about the career they hope to manifest and experience in their college twin-size bed. Rotimi tells The Blast correspondent Ty Cole how embarking on his current tour is bringing him college nostalgia and shares how he's making "monumental moments" with the crowd.

"I felt like I'm back in that college dorm as a freshman," he began.

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Daydreaming like man, I know Pharrell is coming here to perform but I wonder how it feels to have all these people here for him here from me. So it takes me back to my freshman year. And now that we're doing it and we're doing it at such a high level, I feel like everybody's loving it. I feel like everybody's enjoying the process. We're making monumental moments for fans and stuff. It feels like I finally arrived. And with COVID I felt like the tour at first was approaching so fast, and I didn't feel like I was 100% ready, and I'm a  perfectionist. I feel like that was God telling me to get myself together and do it the proper way you always envisioned."

The Power alum has already a few cities and shares how he's been "killing it" in every city.

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"It's just been like clockwork killing, killing every city, and it's getting better and better and better and better," he shared.

"Even though it started at a very high level, but like it's getting better, better, man. And so I'm just enjoying it, man. And we've given people the time of their lives."

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Rotimi Believes Stage Presence Will Help An Artist Have An Amazing Performance

When anyone comes to a concert, the audience is preparing to see a stellar show. Adding to the production value and theatrics, fans are coming to see how the artist will work the stage and not only sing their favorite tunes, but give them a different feel from the album.

The 'Decisions' artist tells The Blast how stage presence is the most important thing an artist should have when it comes to performing on stage.

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"It's stage presence for sure," he expresses.

"It's got to be really engaging and have great, great conversations — not always about the music, like you got to make them laugh got to make them feel sexy. You got to make them dance, you got to make them create moments. It's a full experience and they need to be like wow, I don't know what the hell just hit me. The cool thing about what I've been hearing about our show is that it's an hour and a half set and people feel like it's only 45 minutes. It's just been that kind of love throughout the whole tour and just really connect man like really just be yourself. Don't try to just perform like be who you actually are, like,  if you have to make them laugh and then get into the vibe or if you're a deep person. Let them see that side of you."

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Rotimi Wants To Continue To Grow Into His Heritage As He Incorporates It In His Music

One's heritage is something that makes a person who they are. The artist shares how he wants to continue to lean into his heritage as he continues to make music.

"From the music to the style to my movements, it's part of who I am," he shares.

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"I'm trying to grow into that and become more comfortable. My father always asks how I feel living out my dreams and he's so proud. He always says you are who you said you would be. It just gives me goosebumps.

Rotimi Makes It His Business To Balance Fatherhood And His Career

Being a new father and rockstar can be tough on someone, especially when your life consists of being on the road more than often. The 'I Do' artist shares how every day is a "learning lesson" for him and his fiancee, Vanessa.

"For me and Vanessa, it has been an everyday learning experience, man," he says.

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"We have good days and we have bad days. Sometimes we have amazing days and sad days — it's just understanding that it's all a journey at the end of the day, but with my son, we really just try to give him as much love as possible especially since he's seven months. Like I'm tired as hell, but like, he's not feeling well right now. So I got to make sure that he's getting every ounce of my energy before I head back on the road. So those are the sacrifices you got to make as a parent and as a man."

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He also shares how an old saying about fatherhood makes sense to him now that he has his own bundle of joy, whose name is Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho.

"You hear everyone say, having a child is a love that you can't explain like you hear that?" he began.

"It's a love you really cannot explain. You can't explain it. It's just like the simplest things you know like yesterday he literally just said dada so that's his first word is first words. But I was in front of Vanessa so I didn't want to get too sentimental (laughs)

Rotimi Wants To Enter The Latin World

It's refreshing to see artists step out of their comfort zone and experiment with different genres.

Rotimi shares he wants to enter the Latin world, but doesn't have any collaborations in mind just yet.

"I want to get into the Latin world," he reveals.

"I got to make it. I already have a record and I feel like it's gonna be crazy if I just get like a really cool Latin artist on it.I want to do a little bit more homework in terms of who I want to work with. I don't want to speak prematurely because it has to be the perfect one. But I have a couple of options. But let me rather narrow it down."

See if Rotimi is appearing in your city and get tickets to his tour here.

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