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Chet Hanks Takes Responsibility For Making Jamaican Patois 'Trendy'

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By Kay on May 12, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

Chet Hanks has made a career out of appropriating the Jamaican culture. The up and coming rapper recently… yet again took credit for putting the Jamaican culture on the map.

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Chet Hanks Made A Fool Of Himself Again

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Chet Hanks / Instagram

It’s often said that all press is good press and while that saying has proven to ring true time and time again, this time around, it may be a different outcome. Hanks appeared on Ziwe Fumudoh’s HBO talk show to talk about… whatever he has going on.

The interview took a wild turn when Ziwe began asking the musician some pretty direct questions. When pressed about his culture vulture ways specifically if he still believes he “inspired” white boys to speak Patois, he said.

“I don't know... I think I did kind of make the Patois accent more like, a little more... trending I guess?” The confused white male said something worse. “I was like the first person to like kind of like get it in the conversation. Like just recent times.”

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Because Jamaicans don’t exist anymore, Dancehall isn’t a thing and Ackee and Saltfish isn’t the dish of the nation.

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Ziwe Grilled Chet Hanks On Basic Patois Phrases

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Hanks, who acts as the representative of Jamaica was mocked by Ziwe in multiple ways some we don’t even think he fully understood. One of the more obvious ways was when she quizzed the “White Boy Summer” rapper on Jamaican phrases.

When asked if he know what “small up yaself” meant, he was puzzled because he isn’t Jamaican, so why would he know? For anyone interested, it means to “make room” like asking to share a seat or if someone is in the way. Obviously slang and not everyday use.

After a few more embarrassing ‘I don’t knows', Ziwe asked, “Do you even speak Patois?” He admitted “no” and proceeded to admit that like most uncultured people he only knows “two or tree tings”, most of which are curse words including “BOMBACLAT!" an extremely offensive word to Jamaicans.

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Chet Hanks Also Offended Others

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Instagram/Chet Hanks

The hilarious interview also pointed out that Hank’s song “White Boy Summer” was also extremely offensive. Ziwe wanted to know how white boy summer was different from any 400 other summers in America. He didn’t really have a positive response, he insisted he was just feeling himself that day after getting a “fresh ass haircut” (yikes, we know that feeling) but it has to end somewhere, right?

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Ziwe also acknowledged that she is being a bit sketchy towards the Jamaican community but insisted, that it’s all love. “Our apologies to the Jamaican community for this cultural appropriation in the name of baiting.”

The icing on the cake was when the Nigerian-born host asked Hanks if he “wanted to apologize to any marginalized communities?” The aloof son of rich parents took a moment to think while smirking and said “nah”.

He went on to say that he truly doesn’t think he’s “done anything offensive”. When prompted he said it was a “celebration of culture” and then went on to tell social justice warriors to “kick rocks”.

Oh and he flashed those imaginary SJWs away with his hand. What a guy.

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Ziwe’s Interview With Chet Hanks Got Weirder

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The comedian has been flooding her Instagram timeline with clips from the interview. Not all of them pertain to cultural appropriation. In fact, one was a DC reference. Hanks talked about his new fitness app shirtless of course.

In an off twist, he started doing a Joker impression. This girl sure knows how to show the oddest parts of people.

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