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Blac Chyna Slams Judge Who Ruled Over Defamation Case: 'Extremely Biased'

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 11, 2022 at 10:00 PM EDT

Blac Chyna is still speaking up about her legal defeat against the Kardashian-Jenner family and she believes the judge played a significant role in her losing the case.

The model who plans to file an appeal slammed the judge for being unfair towards her and her attorney.

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Blac Chyna Accuses Trial Judge Of Extreme Bias

In new court documents obtained by TMZ, Chyna pointed fingers at judge Gregory W. Alarcon, accusing him of harboring an extreme bias against her and her legal team.

She branded Judge Alarcon as "undeniably hostile and extremely biased," citing an instruction he gave the jury that the "Grown & Sexy" star believed turned the case in the Kardashians' favor.

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As you might know, Alarcon sent Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni out of the courtroom for insulting Kris Jenner and the kids in an Instagram Live rant session.

In retaliation, Tokyo called out the judge in a social media post, seemingly threatening him, but she later claimed her anger was directed at Kris instead.

Backing up Chyna's claim, the executive producer of "Rob & Chyna, Walter Mosely, who testified during the trial suggested that judge Alarcon wasn't a fan of Chyna's lawyer, Lynne Cianni, clearly favoring the Kardashian-Jenner camp.

In response to Chyna's allegation in her new filing, the Kardashian family attorney dubbed her claims as a "baseless effort to save face after losing at trial."

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The lawyer noted that Chyna's lawyer had no issues with judge Alarcon until the jury found his client not guilty. The attorney also stated that Chyna trying to make the judge a scapegoat is "frivolous, dishonest, and deserving of sanctions."

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Tokyo Toni Started A GoFundMe Page

The "Rob & Chyna" star's new claims against the judge come a week after her mother started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her appeal.

As you might know, Chyna was beaten hands down in the defamation case against Kris, Kim Kardashian, Khloe, and, Kylie. Although she demanded $100 million, she was awarded no monetary damages as the judge found her case baseless.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner on the red carpet
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Despite the defeat, Chyna and her mother are not ready to give up as they are already working on appealing the case. As The Blast previously reported, last week, Tokyo, whose real name is Shalana Hunter kickstarted a GoFundMe campaign for her daughter.

"Hi, I am Shalana Hunter BKA Tokyo Toni. I would like to appeal to the courts this Go Fund Me Fundraiser to help my daughter, Angela R. White BKA Blac Chyna, financially in this endeavor to get justice. APPEAL FOR A NEW TRIAL COMING SOON. Sincerely, Momma Tokyo," the doting mother wrote in the attached description.

Tokyo and Chyna are asking for $400,000 from the public. As of this writing, only $1,296 has been raised, but the pair remain hopeful.

A New Show Is Also In The Works

As the mother-daughter duo is working on getting an appeal, they are also planning to make a big return to the big screens.

With the cancelation of "Rob & Chyna," the pair don't have any reality show on air currently. However, Tokyo recently assured fans that would be a thing of the past.

She revealed during a recent interview that she and Chyna have a talk show in the works under her network called SHN network. "It’s called Talking with Tokyo," the matriarch disclosed.

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//Tokyo Toni and Blac Chyna

Tokyo explained that they were ditching the usual reality show format of cameras tailing their every move. Instead, this time, she and Chyna will serve as co-hosts interviewing “everyday people and celebrities.”

The famous mom disclosed that there were other shows under her belt but "Talking with Tokyo" was the only one she and her daughter would feature in together.

As for its premiere date, Tokyo didn't share the details, but she sounded pretty thrilled about the upcoming project.

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