Olivia Culpo Flaunts New ‘Weapon Of Choice’ In Stunning Bond Girl Outfit

Olivia Culpo Shows Panties While Pole Dancing In Skimpy Silver Dress For 30th Birthday

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By Kristin Myers on May 10, 2022 at 8:30 AM EDT

Model Olivia Culpo is really going all out for her 30th birthday.

She posted a few snaps and videos to her Instagram account that showed her in a skimpy silver dress, showing off her long legs for the camera.

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Olivia Culpo Wows Crowd Showing Off Her Pole Dancing Moves!

In her Instagram carousel, Olivia posted a video of her twirling around the pole before kicking her leg out, giving the guy sitting in front of her quite a show!

Sis Sophia Culpo commented, “Why go to the club when you are the club.”

“30th birthday!” Olivia wrote in the caption. “This milestone scared me but I have to say I feel so incredibly grateful for the people in my life, and for all of you.”

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Olivia Culpo leaving Pilates Classes in West Hollywood
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“Thank you for following my crazy journey through life and giving me an outlet to be myself,” she continued. “I don’t want this to be too long but I love you guys and thank you so so much for the bday wishes !!!!”

Plenty of famous friends and fans wished a happy birthday to the “gorgeous” model, who one fan said looks like she’s 20 anyway!

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Olivia Culpo Is Bringing The HEAT To Miami!

In another video posted two days before her birthday, Olivia showed sleek short hair as she posed for the camera. She wore a glittering silver short skirt and matching bra, topped with a black leather jacket over her shoulders as she smiled and posed for the camera.

“Miami,” she wrote in the caption. Fans lit up the post with fire emojis, with one fan calling it their “favorite” video ever.

“You need that bra to match your bag!” one fan wrote. Other fans loved how she always looks “attractive and full of confidence.”

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Olivia is definitely full of confidence as she posed for the camera in a crocheted white bikini and matching bottom. In the first photo, she’s smiling widely as she wraps her arms around herself. In the second photo, she’s lounging back in the water as she pouts for the camera, putting her taut tummy on display.

“Gorgeous!!!!” one fan wrote. “Smile queen !”

“Divine,” said another. “Very good,” wrote a third.

“So beautiful with an amazing smile and perfect photos,” another fan commented.

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Olivia Culpo Is WINNING At Instagram

In another photo, Olivia pairs a lavender bra and short jean shorts with a colorful shrug and cowboy boots.

In the caption, she wrote, “Tune into @flightattendantonmax . No dress code enforced at the #TFAPreFlightLounge 🤪#HBOMaxPartner

The caption throws some shade at how she had to cover up before she was allowed to board a flight early this year.

Olivia Culpo
Instagram Stories / Aurora Culpo
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“😂😂 caption. You look amazing @oliviaculpo” one fan wrote. Another called her a “smoke show.”

“You are slaying,” said a third.

“I cannot deal with how stunning these pictures are…my lord,” another commented.

Plenty more fans want to know the secret as to how she gets those abs!

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