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See The World's Tallest Dog!

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By MLC on May 6, 2022 at 2:30 PM EDT

The Guinness World Recordsjust named their tallest pup.

On Wednesday, May 4, a four-legged, fur-ball was given the record holder title of “Tallest Dog Living (male).”

Maybe “fur-ball” is a bit exaggerated, but you get the picture.

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This Is The Tallest Dog Living!

Bedford, Texas resident, Brittany Davis, is the proud owner of a Great Dane named Zeus.

Zeus is the proud record holder for tallest dog.

He stands at 3 feet, 5.18 inches and is only two-years-old. This information was confirmed by his veterinarian.

Davis told the Guinness World Records that her dream to own a Great Dane named “Zeus” came true when her brother gifted an eight-week-old Great Dane puppy to her family.

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Meet Zeus the Great Dane!

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YouTube / Guinness World Records

Her brother was working with someone who was breeding Great Danes.

"Zeus has absolutely changed our family," Davis said. "He brings so much joy. He is such a loving, loving dog."

While Zeus brings joy to the family, Davis admitted her slobbery fur son is very stubborn.

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“Zeus is very stubborn. He doesn’t do anything unless he wants to. He is also very laid back. He loves everybody,” she explained. “When he gets excited, it’s about ten minutes, he runs around and then he’s tired.”

Zeus is so tall that his water bowl is the kitchen sink.

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He's So Tall He Drinks From The Kitchen Sink

Zeus The Great Dane
YouTube / Guinness World Records

Given his record setting height, Zeus does have some tricks up his sleeve like taking food off of the countertop.

Another quirk Zeus has is his love for chewing on baby pacifiers.

Many of Davis’ neighbors call Zeus a horse and ask to ride him.

Davis assured the Guinness World Records that they do NOT allow the neighborhood to ride him like a horse.

Zeus’ best friend is Davis’ teenage son.

World's Tallest Dog
YouTube / Guinness World Records
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“You don’t find one without the other. They love being together. He brings a lot of joy to our family,” Davis said.

So, what does the award mean to Davis, Zeus and their family?

“The award for us just really recognizes how special Zeus is. We get a lot of comments about, ‘Wow that’s the tallest dog I’ve ever seen.’ So, it’s kind of cool to be able now to say, ‘Yes, it’s the tallest dog you’ve ever seen. He is the Guinness World Records holder,’” Davis explained.

Congratulations, Zeus!

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