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'This Is Us' Cast Prepares To Wrap Filming The Hit Series

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By Taylor Hodgkins on May 4, 2022 at 6:30 PM EDT
Updated on May 11, 2022 at 2:31 PM EDT

It's fair to say "This Is Us" has had a ginormous impact on the current television landscape since it began airing in September of 2016: one tissue at a time!

The series, starring Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, became known for the way its writers took special care to tell the incredibly detailed story of the Pearson family which began with the birth of

Rebecca (Moore) and Jack's (Ventimiglia) children in 1980, and beautifully continued to tell the family's story up until the present day.

The cast of "This Is Us" have never been shy about sharing their love for one another, and the bonds they have shared, which has strengthened their on-screen chemistry, no doubt!

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Moore and Ventimiglia, along with their castmates Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown, have all recently shared their emotional experiences of wrapping the series after six seasons.

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Saying 'Goodbye' To The Pearsons

Moore, who has played Rebecca Pearson from her twenties until the character's last days, gave fans a glimpse into her last day of filming "This Is Us" yesterday.

She took to her Instagram story and shared, "Today is my last day at work. After 6 years at the best job I've ever had. Lots of emotions all around. Whew. Gratitude most of all," per People.

Moore has frequently spoken about her love and gratitude for the series, and how she feels having been a part of bringing such a special story to life.

"I don't know if one could ever dream about a job like this that just sort of checks all of the boxes," she

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told Nerds Of Color, "Being a part of something that connects families, that brings people together, that elicits really important conversations is just again, beyond my wildest imagination..."

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Brown, who portrayed the adult version of the Pearsons' adopted son Randall, is also aware of the series'

impact, especially with the writers' loving portrayal of real-life situations that can sometimes be difficult or fragile.

He candidly told "Today," after praising the acting ability of his younger co-stars who play Randall's children and reflecting on the way the writers told the story of Randall's daughter coming out to him and Beth, (Kelechi Watson),

"In one instance, one person said, 'I was not as accepting as the Pearsons were when my child came out to me. But I see that I see now that I've seen you all, I know that I can do better (at) sort of just creating the space for people to be people.'"

Reflecting On The Finale

Brown and Kelechi Watson have both recently documented their last days on set via Instagram as well.

When asked about his thoughts pertaining to the highly anticipated finale, Brown promised it will bring "a sense of closure' for its devoted fanbase, via Today.

"I think [there] will be tears of satisfaction with how our story comes to an end," Brown added.

The final episodes of the series are currently airing on Tuesday nights on NBC, with the finale airing on May 24th.

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