Jimmy Kimmel is seen at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in Los Angeles, California.

Jimmy Kimmel Misses 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Due To COVID-19 Diagnosis

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By Kristin Myers on May 3, 2022 at 1:30 PM EDT

Host Jimmy Kimmel will be absent from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for a few days until he recovers from COVID-19.

Only one week ago, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert was diagnosed with COVID-19 and had to sit out for a few days. Now, it looks like it’s Kimmel’s turn in COVID-19 quarantine.

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Jimmy Kimmel Announces That He’s Out With COVID-19

On Monday, Jimmy tweeted, “Our daughter brought us covid (even though we specifically asked her not to) All feeling fine, I am double vaxxed and boosted but the show must not go on. Apologies to @TomCruise& @iliza and thanks to Mike Birbiglia @birbigs who'll be filling in for me starting tomorrow night.”

Kathy Griffin joked, “Oh no! I didn’t know that your children were such hard-core anti-vaxxers. Oh well. [Feel] better!!!!”

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“Feel better soon,” another fan commented. “My husband brought my daughter and I COVID and was laid up for a few days. Daughter barely had symptoms. I’m on the brink of death with the absolute exhaustion it has caused and different symptoms every day. (Also vaxxed and boosted) Older daughter never got it.”

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They added, “It’s such a weird virus how much it affects people differently.”

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Is In Good Hands With Mike Birbiglia

Shortly after, Mike Birbiglia took to Twitter to say, "I must be the first person to ever deplane a Southwest Airlines flight and find out they’re guest-hosting a late-night talk show. Sending love to the Kimmels. See you on the TV tomorrow, friends."

Bryan Bishop commented “Same thing happened to Dom DeLouise in 1981. Look that s--- up.” Chris Kelly added, “Nah, this happened to me once.”

One fan wrote, “Every comic that moved from NYC to LA thought it would happen to them. And, you’re gonna keep feeding into this myth. Congrats.”

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“The biggest thought: Southwest?” another fan asked. “C’mon man. See you tonight.”

This is a rough week for Jimmy Kimmel to be missing, with a star-studded string of celebrity guests. On Monday, Tom Cruise, Iliza Shlesinger, and Parquet Courts made an appearance. On Tuesday, Mike Myers, the Black Crowes, and Mike Birbiglia were scheduled as the celebrity guests.

On Wednesday, Ewan McGregor, Ben Schwartz, and the Head and the Heart were scheduled to appear. On Thursday, Kevin Hart and Hannah Einbinder will be scheduled to appear.

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