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Travis Scott Is A 'Punk' & 'Criminal' Says 'Astroworld' Doc Filmmaker

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By MLC on April 29, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT

Travis Scott is a cold-blooded criminal according to one man.

A new documentary is being made about Scott’s horrific and tragic “Astroworld Festival” on November 5, 2021.

The documentary titled, “Concert Crush: The Travis Scott Festival Tragedy,” was made by documentary filmmaker Charlie Minn.

Minn is a self-described “victim-driven” documentary filmmaker.

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New Documentary Sheds Light On Astroworld Tragedy


He told Page Six, “Travis Scott to me is a punk. To me he is a criminal.”

Last November, ten people died and hundreds more were injured during his ‘Astroworld Fest’ in Houston, TX.

In December, The Blast reported the official cause of death of the ten victims.

The massive crowd surge crushed their lungs — causing “compression asphyxia.”

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Concertgoers Died From Being Trampled & Suffocated

According to the official coroner’s report, all ten victims of the terrible tragedy died due to being suffocated by the pressure from the surging crowd. All of the victim’s official cause of death is listed as “compression asphyxia.” As you know, many of them were rushed to local hospitals after collapsing inside the concert.

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Travis Scott Responds To Astroworld Lawsuits — It Wasn’t My Fault!
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“Ten people died. How do we get around that?” Minn stated.

Hundreds of lawsuits have been brought against Scott, Live Nation, Drake and more. They’re being sued for negligence with some lawsuits ranging upwards of $10 billion.

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Minn Says Travis Scott Deserves Jail Time

“The reason he deserves criticism and jail time, he knew there was a problem,” Minn claims. “He acknowledged an ambulance in the crowd. He noticed people passed out and stopped the show on three occasions. I’m not saying he knew people were dead, but he knew there was a problem. An ambulance is not an ice cream truck.”

Scott has remained his innocence since the tragedy unfolded.

Minn’s documentary, ‘Concert Crush,’ is playing in select theaters in Texas starting Friday, April 29, for a limited one-week run. It is also available to stream online.

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The documentary features interviews with eight concertgoers who attended Scott’s festival and gave eyewitness accounts of what happened that fateful evening.

Minn’s mission with the documentary is to give victims a voice, and he hopes “every concert organizer and promoter uses Astroworld as a model what not to do.”

The filmmaker said he doesn’t want to see another person get hurt at a concert again.

Concerts Are Supposed To Be Fun, Not A Fight For Your Life

“Last time I checked you are supposed to go for fun and not to fight for your life,” Minn said.

On the other side of the controversy is Scott’s team, who believe the entire documentary is a pathetic money grab and “blatant piece of propaganda.”

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A spokesperson for Scott told Page Six, “Mr. Scott has not seen the movie. No one really has.”

Billboard reports that attorneys for Live Nation have issued concerns to a judge about Minn’s documentary.

The doco is being produced with a lawyer for the victims, Ricardo Ramos.

“The involvement of plaintiffs’ lawyers in the film, and the publicity the filmmakers and producers are trying to generate for it, raise significant issues about efforts to taint the jury pool,” lawyers wrote in a letter to the judge overseeing the festival lawsuit.

Minn claims he was never contacted by Live Nation.

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TMZreports Scott’s team is calling it a, "... farce financed by and containing content from members of the plaintiff's legal teams, who, weeks after a tragedy, sought to exploit and benefit financially from it, with the clear goals of making money and swaying future juries and public opinion."

Scott's Teams Says Documentary Is A 'Farce'

Travis Scott caught on camera.

The rapper’s team also criticized Minn saying he is a director with no respect from his field who has been dubbed a “trauma pornographer.”

This latest drama comes after it was announced Scott would make a return to the main stage as a headlining act at the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami next week.

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