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Adele Cleans House After Failed Las Vegas Residency

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By MLC on April 21, 2022 at 12:27 AM EDT

Adele is turning a new leaf after her failed Las Vegas residency.

The “Rolling In The Deep” songstress has reportedly fired the entire creative team behind her supposed to be Las Vegas residency, “Weekends With Adele.”

The Telegraph reports the British songstress wants to start fresh with her ‘WWA’ residency with a completely redesigned show at Caesars Palace.

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Adele Has New Creative Ideas

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Adele reportedly got rid of her set designer, Esmeralda “Es” Devlin, amid multiple reports the two had several arguments over the show’s vision.

Kim Gavin has reportedly replaced Es Delvin as creative designer. Gavin is producing the Rolling Stone’s upcoming anniversary tour.

One source told The Telegraph that Adele and her new creative designer will “look after and develop a new show as everything from the Es show has been scrapped.”

The insider also revealed the show should be ready to by July or beginning of August at the latest.

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She Reportedly Fired Her Former Creative Team

Adele's Las Vegas Residency Being Completely Scrapped?! See The Photos!

Earlier this year, Adele canceled her Vegas residency at the last minute leaving hundreds of fans from all over the world entirely devastated.

Back in January, the singer uploaded a nearly two-minute video where she looked somber and distraught.

Wearing a purple and brown top, with her blonde hair let loose, Adele looked like she had been crying.

She started her statement, saying, “Hi all! Listen I’m so sorry but my show ain’t ready. We’ve tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and COVID.”

The British singer revealed that half of her team was down with COVID, making it impossible to finish the show successfully. “I can’t give you what I have right now. And I’m gutted.”

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She's Ready For A New Show

Adele apologized for the announcement coming last minute and was tearful as she noted she and her team had been up for about 30 hours trying to figure out, but they’ve run out of time.

The tearful Grammy-winner broke down as she told fans, “I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed, and I’m so sorry to anyone that has traveled again. I’m really, really sorry.”

However, Adele assured fans that all hope wasn’t lost. She promised that her team was on the issue and had plans to reschedule all dates. “I’m gonna finish my show and I’m gonna get it to where it’s supposed to be,” she declared.

Adele apologized to her fans for the inconvenience before ending the clip.

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Following the news of her residency cancelation, there were rumors that it wasn’t the COVID-19 pandemic that led to the cancelation, but rather her “diva ways.”

The Sun previously reported, Adele canceled her residency after a FURIOUS rant over the swimming pool performance.

Adele Was Accused Of Being A "Diva" After Cancelation

She was set to stand in the middle of a pool while belting out one of her famous tunes, but compared the final design to an “old pond” and refused.

According to a US source for the outlet, there was a plan in place where Adele would be hoisted up in a pool during her show, which would in turn create the illusion she was floating on top of water.

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“When she saw the finished design, she refused to take part,” the source continued. “Adele described the pool as a ‘baggy old pond’ and refused, point blank, to stand in the middle of it.”

As previously mentioned, the intention behind the stunt was to fill it with water while the songstress was in the middle of it. She would then be lifted up on a crane-type mechanism, which would create the illusion of her floating on water.

Adele reportedly hated what was presented.

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