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Michelle Williams Opens Up On Her New Movie, 'Wrath'

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By Favour Adegoke on April 18, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT

Singer and actress Michelle Williams tells all concerning her time on set and working with a special cast member. The former Destiny's Child member recently appeared in "Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story" as the career-driven lead character.

Acting alongside her was Tina Knowles, as her character's mother, and Romeo Miller as her boyfriend. The movie focused on Williams' character, Chastity, and her sweet turned toxic relationship with her former beau, Xavier Collins.

In an interview talking about her movie, Williams referred to working with Knowles as "beautiful" because the 68-year-old was only playing a mother role she was used to. She also shed some light on Destiny's Child's possible reunion, saying that the conversation would only spring up "when the time is right."

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Michelle Williams To Appear In 'Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story'

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Former Destiny's Child bandmate Williams is set to appear in a Lifetime film titled "Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story." The premise follows the artist in her fight for her life against a bloodthirsty, jilted ex-boyfriend. T. D. Jakes, Shaun Robinson, and Derrick Williams are the film's executive producers.

Williams' character is a driven lawyer named Chastity Jeffries, who was solely focused on her career and making partner in her law firm; however, her attention is soon drawn elsewhere. After meeting the guy who embodied all the features of her dream partner, the two start a steamy relationship that takes a rather dangerous turn.

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The lover, Collins, is played by Antonio Cupo. The movie is based on a book series by Victoria Christopher Murray and has Knowles as part of the cast. The 68-year-old plays Sarah, Chastity's mother, while Miller, popularly known as Lil' Romeo, plays her childhood boyfriend, Roger Thompkins.

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Williams Said She Could Relate With The Character, Chastity

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In an appearance on The Post for her latest movie, Williams talked about how she resonated with her character, her experience working with Knowles, and shed some light on a possible reunion of the famous girl group Destiny's Child.

When asked if she related to Chastity's character or saw any similarities in their lives, the actress revealed that she did. Williams admitted that she saw herself resonating with the character in many ways, especially in the aspect of "looking for love [and] wanting love."

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"Absolutely," she said. "I'm officially single. I found myself resonating with her in a lot of ways. You hit the nail on the head about looking for love [and] wanting love. Maybe you don't make the right choices in love, but you're making the right career moves. And how many women can possibly relate. You're killing it in career, but the love thing ain't quite balancing out."

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Williams Said Working With Knowles Was 'Beautiful'

Having known each other for no less than two decades, it's no surprise that Williams and Knowles were more than comfortable with their mother-daughter role on stage. The actress revealed that working with the 68-year-old was "beautiful" mainly because she was just reprising her everyday role in Williams' life.

Williams said, "It was beautiful to work with Miss Tina because she's been like a mother, a nurturer and a protector of me for 22 years. And so when we got on set, we just looked each other in the eye, and it was just kind of natural for us to do what we do. I mean, there were moments in my life where Miss Tina has had to console me like a mother would. She's had to give me advice like a mother would."

The 42-year-old added that she immediately agreed to be a part of the film when she was told that Knowles would be part of the cast. "We knew with the mention of each other's names that this is going to be great to do," Williams said.

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Williams On Destiny's Child Reunion

While talking about her continued friendship with former bandmates Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, Williams revealed that there weren't any actual plans for a reunion in the future. The actress said the topic never really came up amongst them, but she was sure it would "when the time is right."

"I wonder if it's on our mind, but it never comes out of our mouths," she said. "As naturally as we talk about so many other things, when the time is right, it will naturally come up in conversation somehow. We have fun together when we do decide to work with each other in the capacity."

Williams also added that they weren't opposed to the idea of reuniting. "But I will say we haven't had an official album out together in 17 years and for the questions to be asked now is really kind of awesome," she continued. "It makes me reflective of the obvious impact that we must have been made on the world."

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