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Former 'DWTS' Co-Host Speaks Out About 'DIVA' Tyra Banks!

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By MLC on April 14, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

Upon news that Tyra Banks has been ousted from her hosting duties on “Dancing With The Stars,” one former co-host of the show is speaking up about the “DIVA.”

Before you guess that it was Tom Bergeron or Erin Andrews who said it, we’ll tell you to stop right there, and give you a few guesses.

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This co-host was a former contestant on ‘DWTS’ and won season seven. They went on to co-host alongside Bergeron from seasons 10-17. This person is an actress.

Any guesses….???

If you guessed Brooke Burke, you are correct!

The actress recently appeared on David Yontef’s podcast, “Behind The Velvet Rope,” and was asked about her opinion of Banks as a host.

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Brooke Burke Gives Her Opinion Of Tyra Banks As 'DWTS' Host

“She’s a diva. Everybody knows she’s a diva. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not saying anything bad about her,” Burke said bluntly. “Be a diva, but it’s not the place to be a diva. Your pros are the diva. You’re winners, you’re perfect 10 score dancer who’s never done it, that defines ‘diva’ in the ballroom.”

Burke added that Banks’ diva personality wasn’t embraced by the fans, viewers and people at ‘DWTS.’

“I think that show requires a lot of compassion and love and kindness, especially as the host, so I think it was a tough transition,” she noted.

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Burke Says Banks Is A Diva & That Doesn't Resonate With The Viewers

Given that Burke knows first hand what it takes to be host, she did provide some benefit of the doubt to Banks, who announced the bottom two couples on Season 29, saying that there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes.

“It’s tough. It’s a live show and those live tapings are a struggle behind-the-scenes,” Burke admitted.

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Brooke Burke in white

Many fans of the show were shocked to hear that long-time lovable host, Bergeron, and co-host Andrews were getting the axe after season 28.

Burke said of the unexpected change in hosts, “Change is hard for everyone. They’ve gone through a lot on that show, that’s for sure,” adding that “you are just not the star” as the host.

The U.S. Sunrecently reported on Banks not returning as the host for season 31.

The outlet exclusively reported on Tuesday, April 12, that the controversial host will not return as host.

"There is no official decision on who will be hosting next season but it doesn't look like Tyra will be back," a source told The Sun. "Which would be a network decision, not her decision."

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Banks Is Rumored To Not Return To 'DWTS' As Host

Tyra Banks 2020 Breakthrough Prize - Arrivals

Banks serving as host brought in record-low ratings for the show.

The low-ratings could be a result of many things, but one source close to the outlet attributes the low-ratings to how the show was presented.

"Production has been a mess, with no clear direction of where [the show] was going, which is why certain producers have been axed in recent months,” they said. "The mix of the behind-the-scenes chaos and the historically low ratings ultimately was the nail in the coffin. ABC didn't feel it was worth the investment anymore, but didn't want to drop it as a whole."

When former ‘Dancing’ host Bergeron was asked about the low-ratings and the EP’s firing on Twitter, he simply replied, “Karma’s a b***h ?.”

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