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KJ Apa's Conflicting Response To Marriage Rumors: 'It's On My Radar'

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By Favour Adegoke on April 19, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT

KJ Apa just might be married, might not be married. Rumors of the "Riverdale" star's marital status started spreading after he made an Instagram post late last year. The actor is currently in a relationship with French model Clara Berry, and they share a son, Sasha Vai Keneti Apa.

Not long after his son's birth in September 2021, Apa posted a video of himself pouring his girlfriend's breast milk into a cup and coffee and then consuming it. In the post's caption, he referred to Berry as his "wife," a move that was very much noticed by his fans. Several followers reacted to the caption because the 24-year-old hadn't mentioned any upcoming nuptials or even a proposal.

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Apa recently appeared in an interview, and when asked about the marriage situation, the actor gave a rather cryptic answer. He said marriage was currently on his radar and revealed that while he might be married, it was "no one's business but [his]."

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KJ Apa Said His Marriage Was 'His Business'


"Riverdale" Archie, Apa set social media and fans of the show buzzing after an October Instagram post. In the post, the actor called his long-time girlfriend and mother of his child his "wife." A move that confused a great many because no prior nuptial announcements were made.

Despite the effect of his words, the actor is yet to set the record straight. The 24-year-old recently appeared in an interview with E! News at PaleyFest LA and was asked about the Instagram post. His response anything but clarified the caption.

When the interviewer, Leanne Aguilera, inquired about Apa's current marital status, the father of one revealed that it was on his "radar." He also teased, "Yeah, I mean, maybe I am married. That's no one's business but mine, baby."

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Apa Called Berry His Wife In Instagram Post

Apa and Berry recently welcomed their first child together; however, no announcements of an engagement or marriage heralded the news. A month after their son, Sasha's birth, the actor posted a video referring to Berry as his "wife."

In the Instagram video, Apa was seen putting his girlfriend's breast milk in a cup of coffee and drinking from it as though nothing was amiss. As if that wasn't shocking enough, the 24-year-old gave his fans even more to ponder in the caption. It read, "My wife is a milk machine, and I love it."

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Fans unsurprisingly trooped to the comment section to demand an explanation, some lamenting that they were left out of the nuptials conversation. Berry, on her part, commented on the post; however, she didn't refer to him as her husband. The model wrote, "Happy to feed my family."

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Apa And Berry Announced Their Relationship In 2020

Although it isn't public knowledge when the couple started dating, fans suspected they were interested in each other around December 2019. Apa confirmed the relationship via Instagram post in February 2020; however, he deleted the post not long after.

By August 2020, the couple finally went public about their relationship. Apa's first post of his girlfriend was of her entirely nude, hanging on a rooftop. The couple appeared together and posted more content on each other, not attempting to hide their relationship.

Apa and Berry celebrated what was suspected to be their first anniversary in January 2021. In an Instagram post, the two were seen gazing deeply into each other's eyes while Berry held on to her dog. She captioned the post, "This year with you baby was unreal."

KJ Apa And Clara Berry Welcomed First Child

After being together for quite some time, the couple announced their pregnancy. While Apa took a more subtle approach by posting a picture of the couple sitting on their couch with Berry's baby bump, the model had a more blunt announcement.

She shared some candid pictures of her pregnancy pictures on Instagram. In the photos, her tummy was bare while she was clad in a Fendi outfit. The duo welcomed their son in September last year and announced it via social media.

Berry posted, "Sasha Vai Keneti Apa, born on the 23rd of September. He is a perfect perfection. I am luckiest to have now two men of my life, filming my heart with this cosmic gigantic vast love."

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