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Taylor Swift Says 'Goodbye' To Her Childhood Home, New Song In The Works?!?

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By MLC on April 8, 2022 at 2:32 PM EDT

Taylor Swift’s childhood home just hit the real estate market, and it’s going for a prettttyyyy penny.

The house where TSwift literally got her start in music was just listed for around $1 million.

The Reading, Pennsylvania home where it’s rumored that Taylor wrote “Love Story” and “Teardrops On My Guitar” boasts five-bedrooms and four-bathrooms.

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Taylor's Childhood Home Is Up For Grabs!

Taylor Swift 'Obsessed Fan' Plows His Car Into Her NYC Home

It was rented by the Swift family years ago, and it is currently occupied by TikTok star Sydney Redner.

She’s created a handful of videos about life in the house, and it’s rumored there’s a carving in the cement outside the home that reads ‘TAS.’

Could ‘TAS’ stand for “Taylor Alison Swift?”


Any Swifty knows that Taylor’s lyrics hold an extreme amount of sentimental value. She's very detailed, calculated yet cryptic at times with her lyric choices.

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Taylor Reportedly Wrote Massive Hits In The Home

Taylor Swift gets Damon Albarn's apology
Instagram | Taylor Swift

Given her childhood home where she wrote her hit songs that made her who she is today got us thinking, will Taylor write a song about the Reading, PN house?

Just looking back at her discography, she wrote “Christmas Tree Farm” about the home she grew up in as an itty-bitty girl, which had a tree farm behind it.

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According to Timeout.com, the home listed didn’t have any mention of a tree farm, but it did note there’s a patio and heated pool.

In her song “The Best Day” she sings “I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run and I the best days with you.”

Taylor also sang about her current home on “Great American Dynasty.”

It’s evident that the homes Taylor has lived in have been significant in her life, and that they are held near and dear to her heart.

So, it would only make sense for her to write about this particular house, right?!?

I think this is case for the Swifties to deduce!

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Will Taylor Write A New Song About This Home?!

The Blast recently reported that the singer will receive a massive collegiate honor from New York University.

The “All Too Well” singer is set to receive an honorary doctorate degree from NYU in a night to remember.

In addition to receiving her honorary doctorate, Swift, who has also been the subject of a course taught at the university, will also be the commencement speaker at the graduation ceremony held at Yankee stadium.

Taylor Swift at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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The course was taught by Rolling Stone writer and bon-a-fide Swifty, Brittany Spanos.

Spanos’ love for Taylor and her years spent at Rolling Stones have prepared her for taking on such a task!

According to Forbes, the topics Spanos covered during the semester ranged from Swift’s influence on “Songwriting, musical influences, the music industry, feminism, and race.”

Swifties’ radars have been activated since Swift’s official merchandise store debuted a line of graduation merchandise dedicated to the class of 2022.

Varietyrecently reported that the full title of Swift’s doctorate degree is, the Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa.

Taylor's Getting Her Doctorate

Taylor Swift looks stunning as she seen leaving quot Cats quot premiere at the Alice Tully Hall

The ceremony, which will take place on May 18th, is a special one for Tay!

According to Billboard, “The degree will be her first since the former teen star was scoring hits and headlining tours by the time she graduated from high school.”

New York University’s graduating classes from the previous two years will also have their moments to shine in cap and gown, as well.

Those classes will be honored in a “double-header” ceremony later that night.

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