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'Tales Of The Walking Dead' Crew Member Hospitalized After Falling Off Boat

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By Kristin Myers on April 8, 2022 at 8:00 AM EDT
Updated on April 8, 2022 at 3:50 PM EDT

It seems “Tales of the Walking Dead” is off to a rough start.

Deadline reported that there was an accident n the set of AMC’s upcoming anthology series after a crew member who couldn’t swim fell into the water from the top deck of a riverboat.

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‘Tales Of The Walking Dead’ Crew Member Struck River Boat Railing & Hit Dock Before Falling Into A Lake

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Sources reportedly told the outlet that the accident occurred in Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia. Production for the day had reportedly ended and a call was placed to 911 around 8:30 PM local time.

Multiple sources reported that the accident involved a riverboat and a plank that connected the boat to a pier. Witnesses report that the crew member fell off the top deck, “bounced” off of the lower level railing and then hit the dock before falling into the water.

Although the crew member was reportedly unable to swim, a marine safety crew was there during the accident and was able to pull her out of the water. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is currently believed to be in stable condition.

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Josh Stringer/AMC
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It is being reported that the incident is currently being investigated. IATSE has been notified and is also looking into the cause of the accident. Although production was suspended earlier in the week, it resumed on Wednesday. It was reported that the boat and the dock have been frequently used by Netflix’s “Ozark” as their casino boat setting.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only accident that has happened on a “The Walking Dead” set. A stuntman died from a head injury while performing a fall from a balcony during filming in 2017. And, only a month ago, star Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon on the main series, suffered a conclusion on set in Georgia while they were filming their final episodes.

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Norman Reedus Suffered A Concussion On ‘The Walking Dead’ Set Last Month

Norman Reedus at the Los Angeles Special Screening Of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Season 10

Deadline reported that the Reedus' accident happened on Friday, March 11. At the time, the cast and crew were eager to finish wrapping up the final episodes of the show's main series in Georgia.

A spokesperson for the actor, Jeffrey Chassen, explained that “Norman suffered a concussion on set.” He added that “He is recovering well and will return to work soon. Thank you to everyone for their concern.”

Although the incident happened on “The Walking Dead” set, Chassen did not answer if Reedus was in the middle of filming a scene when the accident happened. AMC had to push back the wrap day for the series a few days to allow Reedus time to recover.

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This is not the first time that Reedus has had an accident while filming. In 2015, Reedus cut up his arm while filming a scene in a barn for the fifth season’s episode called “Them.” Although the injury was allegedly captured on camera, it was never shown on screen.

Norman Reedus & Melissa McBride Will Appear In New ‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off

Norman Reedus and Melissa McBridge on "The Walking Dead" set

Although the main series is still drawing to a close, fan-favorite characters Daryl Dixon (Reedus) and Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, will return in a spin-off series slated for 2023. The spin-off will be created by “The Walking Dead” showrunner Angela Kang and Scott M. Gimple.

Although there is not much information known about the plot of the show, it is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

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The Walking Dead

This is also not the only spin-off starring two fan-favorite characters in the works at AMC. In March, the network revealed that Lauren Cohan’s Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan will be getting their very off spin-off show called “Isle of the Dead.”

This will be the fifth spin-off show in “The Walking Dead” universe. The show is said to have six episodes in its first season and will be created by former “The Walking Dead” writer Eli Journé.

Although Negan brutally murdered Maggie’s husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) and friend Abraham (Michael Cudilitz), Maddie and Negan have been forced to work together and have developed an unlikely truce.

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Between the new anthology series “Tales of the Walking Dead” and these newer projects, it looks like fans of “The Walking Dead” series have a lot to look forward to!

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