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Thomas Rhett Opens Up On Intention To Have 5th Child With Wife, Lauren Akins

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By Favour Adegoke on April 9, 2022 at 4:00 AM EDT

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins have been married for ten years since their stint as high school sweethearts. Their love affair, which has been the cynosure of all eyes, has produced four kids, one as a direct result of adoption.

Now when their fans thought they were over with childbearing, the musician and his wife have dropped the bombshell of their intention to have a fifth child– although not anytime soon.

Read below for the details of their announcement.

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It's His Wife's Dream To Have a Fifth Child

On an episode of the "Making Space With Hoda Kotb" podcast (Via Us Weekly), Rhett opened up about their intention of expanding their family unit, adding that it was his wife's dream to have a fifth child.

"Lauren's whole dream [is that] she wanted to have five kids. Since the day we got married, she's [been] like, 'I want to have five,' and I'm sitting there going, 'That's fine, you know, that would be great.'"

However, they added that since they had to be intentional about taking care of their other little ones, they would "take a four-year break" before expanding.

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"We're definitely going to take a small break from trying to have babies right now," he said. "I think right now, with four under 6, I think Lauren and I were really honest with each other, and we were just like, 'Let's take a pause for four or five years and kind of get the hang of what this is going to look like.'"

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Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins Adopted Their First Child From Uganda

The couple announced in 2017 that they were welcoming their first child, whom they adopted from Uganda.

"Meet Willa Gray Akins! I can't believe our daughter is finally home ??," the "T-Shirt" singer tweeted alongside a family photo. "Thank you to everyone who prayed every single day for this sweet girl."

Rhett and his wife, who was having difficulty getting pregnant at the time, decided to adopt after visiting Uganda.

"Lauren had this amazing glow about her, and it just felt like she was already our daughter in a weird way," the singer told People after seeing an image of his wife holding the newborn on the trip. "'I just blurted out, 'We should bring her home.'"

Their first child, Ada, was born after her big sister's adoption. Lenon followed in February 2020 and Lillie in November 2021.

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The country singer also gushed on the podcast about how his eldest kid had questions about things he couldn't answer. 

"She talks to Lauren like, 'When can we get to see my friends in Uganda?'" Rhett explained. "And then Ada James will be like, 'When can I go see our friends in Uganda?' And Willa Gray will be like, 'Well, they're not your friends, they're my friends.' How do I keep this innocence alive as long as I possibly can?"

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The Fourth Child Came As A Surprise

While talking to People recently, the singer opened up about the wild way of learning that his wife was pregnant with his fourth child.

Rhett confessed that he was on a ski trip with his friends and family for his birthday when his wife began to feel nauseous.

"We were on a ski lift, and my wife kept saying that she was just feeling nauseous, and somehow I convinced her it was from her face being burnt," he began. "I was like, 'Maybe it's just sun poisoning.' Or, 'Maybe it's this.' And she was like, 'I don't know, this feels kind of different.'"

At the time, the artist joked that she could be pregnant, to which his wife disagreed vehemently.

"She was like, 'There's no way I'm pregnant.' And I was like, 'Well, there's definitely a way,'" he laughed. "And we went and got a pregnancy test, and literally within 15 seconds, there were two pink lines on the pregnancy test."

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Thomas Rhett Is Used To Being A Girl Dad

Although the "Marry Me" crooner admits to being surprised at having another daughter at the time, he mentioned that he's more than prepared to be a girl dad again.

"I feel like I've got the ropes down as to what that looks like, being a dad to a girl. So when I found out we were having a fourth, I was like, well, we've already got the clothes, I know how to do this, this is just round four of it," he says. "My girls are my whole world, and there truly is nothing more special than being a dad of beautiful little girls and something that I take a lot of pride in. It's going to be a wild and chaotic next 25 years, but I'm ready to embrace it."

However, his kids didn't echo the same sentiments. His children were disappointed that they wouldn't be getting a baby brother.

"Lauren was showing them the pregnancy test, and she was like, 'This means that you're going to have another sister.' And they both were just like 'But we wanted a brother!'" he recalled. "And they looked at me like it was my fault, and I was like, 'No, this will be awesome. Maybe one day we'll have a boy.'"

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