Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars

Will Smith Could Be Barred From 2023 Oscar Nominations For Chris Rock Rampage!

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By MLC on March 29, 2022 at 9:00 PM EDT

Will Smith’s outburst at Sunday evening’s Academy Awards could cost him BIG TIME!

No, we are not talking about him getting his recent Oscar trophy taken away from him, but rather, future Oscar trophies could be held just out of reach of his grasp.

The newly minted Oscar winner’s actions on March 27, could mean he is banned from being nominated for his work at next year’s Academy Awards.

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Future Oscar Nominations Could Be Withheld From Will Smith!

2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

His film “Emancipation” could be considered for nominations; however, his performance could be snubbed… on purpose.

During the “TODAY” show on Tuesday, March 29, Matt Belloni of Puck News said, “I think the Academy is very upset, the members I’ve spoken to are just appalled that this took place on the Oscar stage.”

He continued, “There will be a punishment. I don’t think they will take away his Oscar … that is for [‘King Richard’], for the work he’s done.”

Belloni added that he would not be surprised if the Academy suspends him for a year.

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A Year-Long Suspension From A.M.P.A.S. Is Possible

Will and Jada Smith

“But I would not be surprised if they suspend him [from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences] for a year, six months — really give him a public lashing, so to speak, where he will feel something and not be able to get a nomination for a movie that he has coming out next year,” he explained.

Despite a public apology on live TV while accepting his award for “Best Actor in a Leading Role” for his portrayal of Richard Williams in “King Richard,” and a social media apology to Chris Rock, Smith is still in a cauldron of hot water.

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Will Smith Chris Rock
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In the event you’ve been living under a rock since Sunday and HAVEN’T heard about Sunday evening’s slap fiasco.

Chris Rock made a “G.I. Jane” joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, who has a shaved head due to her alopecia, a hair loss condition.

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27th Annual Critics Choice Awards - Arrivals

Despite letting out a laugh (albeit a complimentary/fake one) the “King Richard” actor rushed the stage and slapped Rock clear across the face.

After descending from the stage and sitting back down in his seat, Smith screamed, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!”

The entire audience and world looked on in shock and horror, with many hoping it was staged.

It was far from staged and very, very REAL.

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Their beef has been going on for years.

Will and Rock’s fiasco was bizarrely predicted by Twitter user @_ja_s_on_. In the 2016 tweet which has since made rounds following Sunday’s controversy, Jason wrote, “Will Smith has to punch Chris Rock in the face…. He has no choice.”

That same year, Rock hosted the Oscars and took jabs at Jada and her husband.

At the time, Jada expressed her decision to boycott the Oscars due to lack of diversity. In his opening monologue, Rock took aim at her saying, “Jada said she’s not coming. I was like, ‘Isn’t she on a TV show?’ Jada’s gonna boycott the Oscars? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited!”

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Chris Rock & Will Smith's Beef Dates Back To 2016

Comedian Chris Rock performs at Hard Rock Live in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel amp Casino

Rock also insinuated that Jada was boycotting the ceremony because her husband wasn’t nominated for his role in “Concussion.”

Jim Carrey has also spoken out about Smith’s actions and the fact that he took home the ‘Best Actor’ statue moments after slapping Rock.

While appearing on CBS Mornings, Carrey said he was “sickened by the standing ovation. Hollywood is just spineless en masse and it really felt like this is a really clear indication that we aren’t the cool club anymore.”

74th Venice Film Festiva-Jim amp Andy photocall
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The “Dumb & Dumber” star feels that Smith should’ve been arrested despite Rock declining to press charges.

“He didn’t want the hassle,” Carrey said of Rock. “I’d have announced this morning that I was suing Will for 200 million dollars because that video is going to be there forever, it’s going to be ubiquitous. That insult is gonna last a very long time. If you want to yell from the audience and show disapproval or say something on Twitter, you do not have the right to walk up on stage and smack somebody in the face ‘cuz they said words.”

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