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Heidi Montag Said Lady Gaga Stole Her Song: ‘It’s Not Heidi’s Anymore’

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By Kristin Myers on March 24, 2022 at 3:45 PM EDT

Apparently, Lady Gaga hasn’t heard of no take-backs!

On Monday, the “Hills” reality star Heidi Montag accused the “Paparazzi” singer of sabotaging her musical career by offering her a song… and then taking it back!

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Heidi Montag Had Nothing But Positive Things To Say About Gaga… At First

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On Monday, Montag appeared on “The Unpopular with Jacques Peterson” podcast to talk about her experience working with Gaga prior to the release of her 2010 debut album “Superficial.”

“People are like ‘I love Lady Gaga’ and I’m sure she’s great, but I have not had the best encounter with her,” Montag recalled. She said that her relationship with Gaga soured when they were both working with mega-producer RedOne, whose real name is Nadir Khayat.

In 2009, Montag seemed to have nothing but high praise for the Grammy Winner, telling Us Weekly that Gaga “has a star quality — a powerful personality with no limits. She can do anything and make it sound credible. She’s a born star.”

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Heidi Montag Said Lady Gaga Gifted Her A Song… And Then Took It Back!

‘The Hills’ Star Heidi Montag Proves She Can Deadlift Over 225 Pounds!

However, Gaga wrote a song called “Fashion” which she allegedly granted permission for Heidi to use. Montag said that Gaga told RedOne, “Great, sure, she can have that song” after she requested permission to release it. She said she even featured the song during a segment she filmed for “The View” at the time.

However, Montag alleges that producers for the 2009 movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” expressed interest in using “Fashion” for the movie soundtrack. At that time, Gaga took the song back from Montag and released it herself.

Montag claims that Gaga said, “No, I’m pulling that song, and I’m recording it. It’s not Heidi’s anymore.”

If that wasn’t enough, Montag also accused Gaga of sabotaging her relationship with RedOne!

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Heidi Montag Claims Lady Gaga Sabotaged Her Relationship With RedOne

Lady Gaga accepts film award
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During the podcast, Montag claimed that Gaga told RedOne that she would not work with him anymore if she continued to work with Montag. As a result, RedOne allegedly stopped working with the reality star to keep working with the “A Star is Born” actress.

“He was like, ‘I’m sorry, she’s my writing partner for huge things,'” Montag claims RedOne told her.

RedOne and Gaga produced several hit songs together, including “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance,” “Alejando,” and many others.

RedOne and Gaga produced several hits over the years, including “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance,” “Alejandro,” “Judas” and more.

Lady Gaga has not yet responded to the allegations. Although she has been busy starring in “House of Gucci” last year, she is also appearing in a brand new Las Vegas residency this summer.

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Lady Gaga Teases Fans With A Host Of New Musical Events

The “Poker Face” singer recently revealed that she will be taking part in a Jazz and Piano Las Vegas Residency starting next month. The residency will begin on April 14 and run through May 1.

“Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano,” she wrote in the caption. “Returning to Las Vegas this Spring at @ParkMGM’s Dolby Live!”

However, many fans were beginning for her to drop dates for her “The Chromatica Ball” summer stadium tour, which Gaga finally did earlier this month. The tour, which had been rescheduled several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, will see Gaga traveling to places like Paris, London, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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However, other fans lamented that she didn’t have any tour dates scheduled for South America, especially Brazil. Other fans couldn’t help but take notice that she didn’t schedule any tour dates in Italy, either, despite spending nine months perfecting her Italian accent for “House of Gucci.”

Although she was widely considered a favorite to win the Oscar race for Best Actress, Gaga didn't even score a nomination, so Italy might be a sore subject for her right now!

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