Joshua Jackson and Wife Jodie Turner-Smith at AFI FEST 2019

Joshua Jackson Adorably Praises Wife Jodie Turner-Smith

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 12, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST

Joshua Jackson had the hearts of social media users melting when he shared his candid thoughts on his wife's unfailing beauty.

As Paris Fashion Week came to a close, Jodie Turner-Smith breathed a sigh of relief online about the fact that paparazzi no longer had the opportunity to photograph her looking bad.

The "Little Fires Everywhere" actor disagreed with his wife's claims about her appearance and showed her love with a heartwarming compliment.

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Joshua Jackson Reassures His Wife Of Her Beauty With Sweet Compliment

On Friday, March 11, following the conclusion of Paris Fashion Week, Jackson and Turner-Smith had an exchange that had internet users fawning on their behalf.

The British star, who tied the knot with the Canadian-American actor in 2019, took to her Twitter page to express her relief over the completion of the high fashion event, writing:

"So happy pfw is over so that paparazzi outside my hotel can't catch me looking like s--- anymore [woozy face emoji]."

The "Dawson's Creek" actor came across his wife's tweet a few hours later and made sure to let her know he thinks she is always beautiful. 

Jackson playfully called out Turner-Smith for being untruthful about her statement tweeting, "Why are you lying on the twitters. You know you've never looked bad a day in your life."

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The lovestruck husband's sweet reply had internet users fawning and sending a barrage of heartfelt GIFs showing their support. 

A user commented, "I love this love so much! My hubs says stuff like this to me, and I know have bad looking days."

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Behind The Private Romance of Jodie Turner-Smith And Her Husband

Turner-Smith and Jackson have mastered the ability to have a lowkey romance without keeping their affection for each other a secret.

The Blast took a deep dive into their relationship timeline. In October 2018, the lovebirds were first linked together, but neither confirmed the speculated relationship.

The Hollywood personalities attended events looking coupled up. Turner-Smith also uploaded a romantic Instagram photo of them.

The black beauty and her beau stared lovingly into each other's eyes. She captioned the post, “Two people who only fancy each other a little bit.”

In August 2019, the private partners reportedly picked up their marriage licenses. In November 2019, they began sporting rings on their wedding fingers, further cementing nuptial rumors.

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Neither Jackson nor Turner-Smith made any confirmations regarding their union, but they did not deny it as well. In an interview with the Sunday Times, the "Jet" actress said:

"I haven’t said to anybody, ‘Yeah, we got married’ People are assuming whatever they want, but when people tell me ‘Congratulations,’ I say ‘Thank you.' "

In December 2019, Us Weekly reported that the lovers were planning their wedding and expecting the first member of their eye-catching family.

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The spouses also spent St. Patrick's day practicing social distancing while cozied at home together. The “Little Fires Everywhere" actor uploaded an Instagram image showing his show on a TV screen.

The couple propped their feet up as they prepared to stream the acclaimed series. The "Dr. Death" actor wrote in his captions:

“I hope this show can give a little emotional and mental relief for everyone out there as we grapple with the anxiety of all the unknowns right now. Remember, no matter how tense your house is right now, it’s still better than dinner w/ the Richardson’s."

The couple's privacy seems to be for a good reason, as Turner-Smith admitted that she received some backlash over her relationship.

The "Queen and Slim" star said, "There was this wave of people who were upset that I was possibly married to a white man.”

The "Without Remorse" actress did not let the negative comments get to her and continued to enjoy a blissful romance with Jackson. In April 2020, she and her loving husband welcomed a bouncing baby girl named Janie Jackson.

In celebration of their second Valentine's Day, Turner-Smith tributed her partner on Instagram writing,

“Our 2nd valentine’s day, and it’s even more magical than the first! Here’s to a lifetime of them. happy valentine’s day to the man who sees my soul and holds my heart, love you, baby daddy.”

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Included in the post were a Pablo Neruda quote on love, eye-catching images of the couple in identical ivory outfits, and a photo of Jackson wearing a ring on his wedding finger.

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